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[News] Server Changes and Nerfs

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Dear adventurer,

This has come to my attention several times, but there isn't a single post anywhere that lists all our changes to official content and what we have nerfed.
As a result many people tend to be mislead into doing things that may be a waste of time.
So here is the list to the best of my knowledge, if I missed anything please send me a message.

Global Changes:

  • Official job quests removed
  • Eden exp quests modified and moved to @go quest
  • Most miniboss card drop rates have been increased to the normal card drop rates, the exceptions are monsters such as Ghostring, Angeling, Deviing and a few others. Use "@mi monstername" to check in game drop rates. 
  • Removed Mi Gao's and Ant Egg's morph
  • Drastically reduced the bats from Dracula and their respawn
  • Lowered the item drop rates from Lunakaligo
  • Some MvP maps are still not available in warper
  • ROMed and AHK are allowed but we do not provide support for them

Skill/Item Changes & Settings:

  • Snap Dodge is enabled everywhere
  • Elemental sword has been nerfed so that the chain only works off of cold bolt
  • Reflect damage has been limited to the player's HP
  • Songs will not automatically rebuff you unless you are moving within the song area
  • Dolomedes Card base Dex reduced to +1 instead of +2
  • The following items have had their sell prices halved in order to minimize Zeny inflation
    • Mastela Fruit
    • Royal Jelly
    • Silver Ring
    • Gold Ring
    • Diamond Ring
    • Stiletto
    • 1carat Diamond
    • 2carat Diamond
    • 3carat Diamond
    • Crest Pieces
    • Crystal Mirror
    • Flame Heart
    • Great Nature
    • Munak Doll
    • Pearl
    • Topaz
    • Witherless Rose
    • All +7 Foods
      • They can be bought from BG universal supplies as a result they inflate the Zeny

BG Changes and Settings:

  • Snap + Snap Dodge is enabled
  • FBH + GTB are disabled
  • All other MvP Cards are enabled
  • Emperium is Plant Based

WoE Changes and Settings:

  • Snap + Snap Dodge is enabled
  • FBH + GTB are disabled
  • All other MvP Cards are enabled
  • Yggdrasil Seeds and Berries are disabled
  • Emperium is Plant Based
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