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2017.01.07 Changelog

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Dear adventurer,
below you will find our latest changes, please make sure to read them carefully!


Important Information:

  • X-mas events will be removed next week.
  • All Halloween related content has been removed.
  • Prontera has been changed as suggested. We decided for the official map to keep things simple. 
    NPCs have been moved one last time. No NPCs will be moved in the future, no new themed map will be added in the future. 
    We -might- add some snow on the houses or leaves during autumn but that's it. For more please read Prontera Modifications!
  • Staff has been revamped. 
    • Removed: DnJ, Mumbles, Rokimoki, Lumi, Froggy and Bencheis as they've been inactive.
    • Added : [GM] Kitty Cat and [GM] Panda from old WoonRO for any EN related support/events & Karmaa as Wiki Developer :P 

Personal Statement from Admins:


Hello everyone, 
Nihad and I have been busy since around christmas. This is due to me personally having a lot of RL to handle and Nihad running his Dojo business.
We're still doing our best to develop the server and won't give up on it. 
We decided to get some helping hands and hired a new GM (more to come).

- Daifuku & Nihad

Global Modifications:

  • Removed AZI Patch.
    • With that some drops and NPCs had to be adjusted, make sure to check the Drop Modifications.
  • Permanently enabled the use of @guildskill command.
  • Xmas invasion will auto reset once it launches.
  • Security update to prevent scammers.

Prontera Modifications:

As suggested we removed our customized Prontera and added the official one. 
With that we had to do some adjustments.

@go 0 spawn looks like this now:



Cosmetic Area was moved outside of @go quest:



Some NPCs like the stalker plagiarism were moved outside of @go shop



Drop Modifications:

  • Since the removal of our AZI-Patch, all items will give their original value except the following:
    • 522.gif Mastela Fruit
    • 526.gif Royal Jelly
    • 2611.gif Silver Ring
    • 2610.gif Gold Ring
    • 2613.gif Diamond Ring
    • 1218.gif Stiletto
    • 730.gif 1 / 2 / 3 Carat Diamonds
    • 7356.gif 7357.gif 7358.gif 7359.gif Crest Pieces
    • 747.gif Crystal Mirror
    • 994.gif Flame Heart
    • 997.gif Great Nature
    • 7277.gif Munak Doll
    • 722.gif Pearl
    • 728.gif Topaz
    • 748.gif Witherless Rose
    • 2522.gif Undershirt
  • Those items will still follow the old AZI-Patch behavior and are sold -50% their original value.

Cash Shop Modifications:

  • Added BG Headgears into Cash Shop as suggested (multiple times..)
    • Added Ship Captains Hat to BG and Cash Shop.
  • Removed Halloween Headgears.
  • Added Cosmetic Headgears to the "Limited" tab.
    • Current Cosmetic Headgears will rotate with next maintenance and won't be in our cash shop for the next 6 months.

Item Modifications and Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple @mi display issues / event mobs etc.
  • Fixed Safety Ring [0] description.
  • Fixed Valkyrian Armor description.
  • Fixed Carrot in Mouth.
  • Super Novice Hat is now store/dropable.
  • Nerfed Pink Angeling Bubble defense down to 1.

NPC Modifications and Fixes:

  • Added warp to Prontera juice maker npc.
  • Added 10x10 cell range around healer for autobuff/heal/identify.
    • Healer does not need to be clicked anymore.
    • When using @go 0 you should get auto buffs.
  • Added new instance which allows players to farm Amber Pearls.
  • Added an ultra rare chance to get 50 amber pearls to all BG Cases.
  • Fixed typo in warper which caused issues when warping to gonyrun.
  • Fixed stylist bug where it wouldn't allow the use of cloth npc.
  • Moved repeatable quests to the first room in @go quest next to the normal hunting missions.
  • Removed Santa's Meow and added boxes to Cash Shop.
  • Stylist was merged into one NPC.
  • Baby Classes implemented to job changer
    • Jobchanger will now ask if you want to become a baby or not while being novice

Skill Modifications:

  • Restored old song behavior - Icon has been removed.

Hidden Drops Revealed

  • Spoiler

    Below you will find a list of our current hidden drops.

    • 5153.gif Angeling Hairpin [0] dropped from Angeling at a 1% rate.
    • 5132.gif Angeling Hat [0] dropped from Angeling at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5573.gif Dokebi Horn [1] dropped from Dokebi at a 1% rate.
    • 5364.gif Evil Snake Lord Hat [1] dropped from Dark Snake Lord/Evil Snake Lord at a 0.10% rate.
    • 5186.gif Geographer Band [0] dropped from Geographer at a 1% rate.
    • 5335.gif Jumping Poring [0] dropped from Poring at a 3% rate.
    • 5497.gif King Tiger Doll Hat [1] dropped from Eddga at a 0.10% rate.
    • 5555.gif Leaf Cat Hat [0] dropped from Leaf Cat at a 1% rate.
    • 5324.gif Little Angel Doll [0] dropped from Lady Solace at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5527.gif Lunatic Hat [0] dropped from Lunatic at a 0.10% rate.
    • 5365.gif Magnolia Hat [1] dropped from Magnolia at a 2% rate.
    • 5584.gif Majestic Evil Horns [0] dropped from Baphomet Jr. at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5773.gif Navy Beret [0] dropped from Vanberk at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5286.gif Peco Peco Hairband [0] dropped from Peco Peco at a 0.05% rate.
    • 5352.gif Poporing Cap [0] dropped from Poporing at a 3% rate.
    • 5572.gif Savage Babe Hat [1] dropped from Savage Babe at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5611.gif Turtle Hat [0] dropped from Permeter at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5557.gif Wild Rose Hat [1] dropped from Wild Rose at a 0.05% rate.
    • 5358.gif Peco Ears [0] dropped from Grand Peco at a 0.05% rate.
    • 5476.gif Grand Peco Hairband [0] dropped from Grand Peco at a 0.10% rate.
    • 5214.gif Moonlight Flower Hat [0] dropped from Moonlight Flower at a 5% rate.
    • 5789.gif Thanatos Mal Mask [0] dropped from Odium of Thanatos at a 2% rate.
    • 5367.gif Hyegun Hat [1] dropped from Hyegun at a 1% rate.
    • 5294.gif Whisper Mask [0] dropped from Whisper at a 3% rate.
    • 5659.png Sleeper Hat [0] dropped from Sleeper at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5660.gif Gryphon Hat [0] dropped from Gryphon at a 0.50% rate.
    • 5490.gif Anubis Hat [0] dropped from Anubis at a 0.05% rate.



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  • Added : [GM] Kitty Cat and [GM] Panda from old WoonRO for any EN related support/events & Karmaa as Wiki Developer :P 

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