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AndRO & roBrowser Information

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Dear adventurer,
we have been asked to provide roBrowser and AndRO for the playerbase. 


Both platforms are bugged and are not/barely developed at this point. 

We have talked to the owner of AndRO and it seems that he still does bug fixes but based on hourly payment.
The platform itself costs 400$, which we will invest into the server as soon as we have the funds for it.
According to the AndRO developer he would need roughly 2 weeks to create this APP for us after full payment.
A lot of features still don't seem to work though.

  • Skill effects
  • Light objects
  • RSM animation
  • New mounts
  • Sage autocast
  • Party booking
  • Homunculus / Mercenary
  • Custom classes
  • - Maybe more depending on our client features.

This platforms development has stopped roughly two years ago. 
We have been talking to a lot of people to get more information on what the current state is and most say that it's not worth getting it. 
It does not support a lot of features of clients over 2013. 
roBrowser would mainly be good for those who want to chat and do the basic leveling through the web browser. 

Important Information:
We are fine with getting both.
roBrowser is currently being installed by the former rA admin Akkarin - thank you buddy - and I'm sure he'll get it to work quickly.
We will get AndRO as soon as we have the funds for it. 

We have decided that we will not develop/support/fix/adjust anything roBrowser or AndRO related. 

  • AndRO:
    • We might be getting additional fixes for this if it's urgent or worth it.

We will provide these platforms for those who want to check into the game while being outside or who are fine with only doing the basics in RO. 
As soon as we have the platforms available we will provide the proper download/installation instructions.

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