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Important Announcement

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Dear Adventurer,

After much deliberation we feel the best course of action is for Elaria Woon Reloaded to take a one month hiatus.
We will not be wiping the server, rather we want to take the time and re-strategize our server.
We attempted to do something fresh and different so we stuck with our plan until the end.
We have come to the realization that there is no desire for such a unique experience and as a result we have come to this conclusion.

A Low and Mid rate hybrid was a great idea in theory.
We wanted to focus on providing a fair and stable middle ground for a wide target audience.
We got a lot of attention and support initially, a lot more than we were ready for to be honest.
Because of the server type that we were trying to achieve we attracted a lot of different players with a wide range of mentalities and ideas of a great server.
We attempted to compromise in some areas while still maintaining our initial course of action.
However, with such a split community pulling us in different directions and us attempting to maintain the core of our server, we ended up alienating almost everyone.
As a result there ended up being only a small community that shared our ideas of a hybrid and long term focused server.

So, what is our plan from here?
As stated above we will not be wiping the server as there is no need for it.
We will be shifting more towards a mid rate mentality.
Since we are moving from a low-mid rate hybrid to a pure mid rate, it seems logical to not wipe the server.
We plan to keep the same server name and the majority of the staff,
and using the 1 month time we have given ourselves we intend to review every aspect of the server.
The server will be shut down (temporarely!) on November 4th, 1PM servertime.

We will establish a new goal for the server while still focusing on maintaining focus on longevity.
Our first attempt at doing so was a hybrid server, this time we will take the much more difficult path.
We intend to provide a pure mid rate experience that the players are used to, while maintaining server longevity through creative content and balanced implementations.

Naturally we will also use this time to clean up any leftover bugs and polish up our existing features.
Upon the server relaunch you can expect every aspect of the server to be improved in some way or another.
There will be everything from rule changes to possibly even rate changes.
Please join us in the suggestion section of the forums to help us shape our new server direction.

As we get closer to the end of the month we will update you with changes through the regular changelogs,
you will be able to comment on those changes and suggest modifications or your opinions.
We may periodically open the server for a few hours to give you sneak peeks at the server.
The server will remain live the entire time, but will be restricted to only GMs until the hiatus is over.

We look forward to hearing from you and we will see you in game at the end of November.

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