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Forum Rules

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Terms of Service

In order for everyone to enjoy Elaria Woon Reloaded Ragnarok Online we will enforce a basic set of rules.
Anyone who plays on Elaria Woon Reloaded should be familiar with our policies and procedures.
Using the excuse “I didn’t know” is not an excuse.

Do not use names that are: 
rude, racist or ethnically offensive, defamatory, hateful, obscene, sexually explicit, contain drug references or refer to reproductive/excretory organs.
Do not use homonyms of these words.

You are responsible for your account along with the actions taken upon it whether it be account sharing or sharing a password.
If you are found account sharing or that you gave your password to someone else and you were banned or your items were stolen, we will not help you recover them.
Make sure you choose a strong password with at least 8 characters long and a mix of uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters.

Forum Rules

  1. Do not advertise other servers on the forums through topics, posts, account name, signature, profile, etc.
  2. All posts must be made in English unless you are in your respective International forum.
  3. Do not impersonate staff members or other members of the community on the forums.
  4. Respect all other players and the Elaria Woon Reloaded Staff.
  5. Each player can only have one forum account.
  6. Do not attempt to avoid a forum mute or ban by creating an additional account.
    You will only continue to add further punishment onto yourself.
  7. Offensive names may be changed with or without prior notice at the designation of the staff member.
  8. Do not post pornographic or other offensive materials nor links to them.
  9. Do not use pornographic or offensive materials for your avatar, signature or cover photo.
  10. Do not spam the forums through multiple posts, topics, status messages, comments, etc. stating the same thing.
  11. Do not create multiple topics about the same problem.
  12. If you do not receive a reply from a support GM within 24 hours, please send a PM to an Administrator for further assistance.
  13. Do not harass, threaten, abuse, or attack other players or staff members physically, mentally, sexually or socially.
  14. Do not necropost a topic that has not been replied to in over a month.
  15. If you wish to further discuss an old topic, please create a new topic with a link to the old one.
  16. Do not discriminate or insult another play or staff member based upon their race, ethnicity, gender or other personal attributes.
  17. Do your best to be clear, civilized and polite.
  18. While we understand that sometimes you can get into a heated debate on the forums, we only ask that you try to remain calm and keep a level head.
  19. Do not post topics which are out of context to the thread or forum.

If you have a problem with a moderator/staff member or their actions, please report it to an Administrator through PM(Private Message).
Only report Staff through PM.


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