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  1. I want to see @Wish , he / she seems to know a lot about drawing / illustrating. Now, I mean no disrespect nor am I asking for a challenge, I simply meant that I want YOU to join cause it seems that you know your shit.
  2. No more entries? Sad
  3. Your Background and Lighting suck! But don't die just yet, there are more contests that needed to be won.
  4. It seems we have a pirate aboard! Yoho matey! Good tah have yah aboard Elaria!
  5. I"ll keep that in mind, thanks.
  6. Yeah, there are but since my traditional method is similar to the smudge tool I've decided to stick to it cause it gives the same results. I've tried the brush but the colors don't mix in my experience.
  7. o/

    TickleMyAnus <-- this got me. Nice profile pic by the way.
  8. Good to hear man! If there are any problems don't hesitate to tell. Have a good one.
  9. 2 methods that I use and yeah, cell shading and smudge are the only ways that i use before.
  10. Congratulations and Great job to those who participate.
  11. Same goes for that fucker right there. ^
  12. We hope that Elaria can give you that satisfaction Kash, good to have you!
  13. Dude, what's with you and slaves?
  14. You can't even see the image you shit. "It's so deep I saw adele rolling" *rolling in it
  15. http://imgur.com/NCC7W5c http://imgur.com/V1VZTIG http://imgur.com/4tJ5jX7