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  1. Anytime I try to download it, it says that the file is broken or something. Any ideas why?
  2. A guide on how to play RO the herp derp way. Make a sniper to gather zeny or hunt some basic perfect dodge gear (congrats the only hard thing you will have to do is over) Make like 10 accounts. gospel. sniper. bragi. service. lex aterna slave. perfect dodge sinx. Level everything to 79+ (might as well get rid of any quest boards higher than 79) bring your whole party to scaraba dun 2 (need quest? nah fuck it you can go there at level 1 if you want) Gather mobs with your PD sinx or whatever you can get close or reach 100 PD with gather up huge mob, stack up some claymore traps. lure mob onto. congrats you are now 99/70. Guide to MVP. Remember all those slaves you made? Yeah bring them to a town set up your champion and wait till you get the 2k + attack from gospel teleport to any map you want and 1-2 shot any mvp (aside from ghosts) you want. Congrats you are now good at mvping. P.S can I get the 15 CP i wasted opening up nidhog dun when it was amber pass only? I feel played now that everyone and anyone can just go. please.
  3. welcome!
  4. thanks sugar ^_^
  5. I enjoy tacos.
  6. Hey! o/ Found out about the server from ratemyserver been playing RO for over a decade. Taking sometime to enjoy pre-renewal once more IGN: Aikawa