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  1. Happy birthday, fanoe 8D

  2. hon hon baguette

  3. Happy birthday Maxyyy <3

  4. Happy birthday, Maxime!




  5. HBD DNJ. - Future

  6. As Metan said, refer to the other ongoing thread to discuss about BG headgear prices. Pro-tip: use the search function before making a new topic.
  7. Welcome! Lots of people here actually are from Woon. I'm convinced you will find someone you know.
  8. Given your field...
  9. Bien le venu, vous autre.
  10. Requirements: 1) You must provide the sprite (you can make it with RMS) or the render (if you want some video game or anime characters). 2) Tell me what kind of background you want (forest, city, fire, etc). If you can provide it, good, if not I want a least the general lines. 3) What you want written on the signature (name, motto). 4) Like my thread (yes, shameless begging. But at least it's free, eh). PM me the details.
  11. Not my fault you deleted me on Skype. Welcome, btw.
  12. Oi

    Welcome! Hope you have a blast here.
  13. Beg to differ. Valkyr and Nyx are the awesomest.
  14. Welcome. Hope you have a blast here.