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  1. Moved to suggestion. Please, use the appropriate sub-forums when posting.
  2. Moved to suggestion.
  3. Happy birthday, fanoe 8D

  4. hon hon baguette

  5. Happy birthday Maxyyy <3

  6. Happy birthday, Maxime!




  7. Glad you could fixed your issue!
  8. HBD DNJ. - Future

  9. As Metan said, refer to the other ongoing thread to discuss about BG headgear prices. Pro-tip: use the search function before making a new topic.
  10. Welcome! Lots of people here actually are from Woon. I'm convinced you will find someone you know.
  11. Used to wear Drooping Cat with Magical Booster.
  12. Topic has already been addressed to in a different thread. Please refer to Locking this one.
  13. The software Vii mentionned usually work charm. You can also open the game through Steam and have the FPS showed up in any corner of your screen. RO being an old and un-optimized game, it might have issues on newer, more powerful GPU. Parachute's fix should work, however.
  14. I do not believe it does. It just adjust the window size. I do not believe there is a way of making texts and in-game windows bigger through conventional methods. I'll try to see what I can find tomorrow.
  15. Given your field...