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  1. NaCl is also at that discord tho, need to be careful
  2. Why, hello there. Welcome. p.s. @Kris
  3. Please, dont make him feel welcome.
  4. wat! NO! I want to protect em!
  5. Linky Link
  6. I'm super excited for meaningless farming of headgears! Woohooo. You gonna probably find me on "Scope" if you want to party up ^_^ My initial goal in this server was to kill porings. But after the Blitz scandal I cannot bring myself into hurting them more.
  7. Yay new Vikings episode
  8. Necroposting, but Westworld sure looks promising.
  9. Nah, It wasn't directed to you personally, I was speaking in general.
  10. Backup your dinput.ini. Go ahead and destroy every setting there is by replacing text with random love letters. Restore your backup You really need to try hard in order to phuck this up.
  11. I'm so happy that we found something that we all feel it's gonna be the best for the server Another vote for guild houses to never be implemented.
  12. I love these threads, feeding my TV show addiction. I wouldn't say that I really have favorites. But nowadays I enjoy watching Game of Thrones, Brooklyn 99, Billions, Better Call Saul, Modern Family, Peaky Blinders, The Americans, The Last Man on Earth, Vikings, Wentworth, Mr. Robot, Suits, Bob Burgers. Bless the interwebs, and PVR software.
  13. I don't want to upset you, but your dog, might be a cat. Besides that, I really like the aerial perspective and the shadows of your art.
  14. Loved the Essential word play in that poll
  15. TBH, I only played Dota back when it was a warcraft III map. After quite few years, I "invested" my time on League of Legends [low dia euw]. If I could go back in time I would choose Dota 2. And then, after investing time to that, I would go back in time and throw my pc in the sea. But seriously, @mystery if nothing is holding you unto League of Legends [friends, etc] give Dota 2 a try. Clinkz is still around in dota 2 wow.