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  1. No
  2. this is the greatest welcoming to the server of All Time
  3. Imaginative? It's been around longer than I've been playing this damn game, what I find funny is how there are people who still fall for it
  4. mercy legendary skins all change her voice lines
  5. i hate this game
  6. danke
  7. I barely remember that pinoy server but one thing I do remember about it was that their legacy series weapons were likely a collaboration between a bunch of GMs who knew little about what a class does and a splinter research group of monkey game developers. tl;dr 1) Some weight is fine if you don't somehow overdo it. Bloody Hunting Spears and Cardo gurgle balls. 2) Get Charge Attack up and functioning already. 3) Nah. While WS damage isn't exactly as high as people used to think it was, changing a mechanic to make it do more damage seems kinda pointless. And if damage is really a concern may as well invent up some mithril upgrades for additional skill damage like with the Giant Axe to slot on existing axes or smth.
  8. nice lemaymay friend 10/10 Nah. Glorious spears and lances had weight on Woon and they were still pretty bad, even a Super Novice could survive it w/o Pneuma. Mine definitely did, but then again even AD wasn't much of an issue for her on such a reduct-heavy server. Sway, Niherd and I actually did a bunch of testing around a long time ago to find the sweet spot of weight, but of course that didn't work. That was a great change on Woon. The only problem with it was that a custom 2h sword with an absurd amount of damage after +6 also existed, and that made things rather ridiculous. Considering there's no such weapon here, I'd welcome this addition and if implemented may not actually propose to remove the Lord Knight class from the game after all. Hipsters who prefer the old charge attack for some mailbreak/status weapon gimmicks probably shouldn't even be playing LK in the first place(though then again its a meme class so that's probably the point) Glorious weapons aren't available yet, but I vaguely recall a +10 GMS making mammonite deal pretty decent damage on top of Stun on other servers. I'm all for some lame mithril custom shit or hats or crap offering some tiny boosts to the class here and there, but don't know if making CT being affected by damage modifiers is the right way to go about it. Also increasing the damage alone isn't going to save the class from being too easily countered.
  9. take care of me thank. i hate this game. Create a topic inside Home>Community>Arrival & Inquiries k Tell us a bit about yourself. For example: How did you find us? niherd dragged mi over How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online and on which servers? idk since i was babby and by babby i mean in school that actually wasnt that long ago. started on luminaRO, went to a buncha others and was on Woon for a while as a casual dipshit What is your goal on Elaria Woon Reloaded? shitposting and getting as many features and mechanics and content removed from the game as I can Let us know one (1) character name where you want your reward on. Mercy Bump this topic with the link to your introduction. can i just post shite instead Tell your friends and fellowers to do the same (: k
  10. I hate this damn game so much
  11. So where's the calvary
  12. Been done before and reverted.