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  1. Never played it but sounds fun, would like to see where zagara came from
  2. well its about damn time
  3. Don't really know. But I do remember seeing you around.
  4. @Daifuku
  5. Ginji is best in chibi form
  6. ^ nice sig fam
  7. Well I don't think you know me tbh since we hardly spoke, though we go back to AdhelleROLuminaRO
  8. is this that andy fellow or am I mistaken/that bad at remembering names
  9. @Daifuku
  10. BG please. I'm sure you'd be a lot better than Nihad blocking AD from both teams while spamming mammonite.
  11. Remove the suggestions subforum(always my favourite subforum, so its weird for me to be saying this). For game improvements and features, just go over community feedback and discussion with your GMs/assistants/councillors etc, maybe even ask them to compile a "Hot Topics/Community Highlights" list of issues that can be openly viewed by the playerbase instead. Make it clear how custom the server is going to be. Vanilla RO isn't the perfect picture of balance after all, custom items and tweaks can do more good than harm if implemented well. I wouldn't mind World's End nearly as much if it was a thing early on, but I can't say the same for other players. The mere possibility of a wipe is enough to scare almost anyone off. I use Discord if you need me.
  12. oh thank god
  13. > Mercy has been granted lol who saved DS