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  1. Hello everyone, I'm not that rich nor strong. I created this guide to help newbies like me. NEWBIES okay not PROs, any suggestion and additional information is very welcome. FIRST you're going to need a SNIPER/HUNTER(Hunter will do tho, but Sniper is better.) So after you create a character, stay at the newbie map 'till you hit 10 JOB LEVEL You can also Job change there by talking to the Job Changer and make yourself an ARCHER now... ARCHER When you job change you'll get a BOW and a ARCHER FIGURE as a freebie and it's really helpful for starter. For your leveling, From JOBCHANGE -> LVL 30ish you'll camp at Payon Dungeon 1. and start killing Skeleton, Draniliar, Zombies, and Poporings. ALWAYS USE @autoloot server command, you can earn some zeny from selling the drops of the mobs you are killing and when you reach 50% weight you can just sell it by using @tooldealer command. Skeletons drops SKULL RINGS which can be sold at the tooldealer for quite an amount also Zombies drops OPAL which can also sell at the TOOLDEALER for a good amount of zeny. When you reach LVL30ish and earned enough zeny. Use the command @go shop and go upstairs and checkout the NPCs there and buy a BINOCULAR for bonus stat. Also save up for a Hunter Bow so you could do decent damage. Talk to the NPC Ammunition and buy Fire Arrows and FLY WINGS and you're all ready to go. Nevermind the empty slots at your Equips you won't be needing any armor yet since Archers are range you won't be tanking mobs. From LVL30ish -> LVL70ish you'll camp at MOSCOVIA DUNGEON 1, Click on the warper at the main town, Click Dungeon and then look for MOSCOVIA. When you reach the map all you have to do is keep on killing Les That floating leaf-looking lady over there gives great exp and don't forget to loot SHARP LEAF and ALOE LEAFLETs well basically just @autoloot it and just sell other things except those two. Lels. (Sharp Leaf can be sell to people for 2,000zeny the lowest to 3,000zeny EACH) Sharp Leaf are used for quests which will give you a lot of exp. JUST GOOGLE it for more detailed information I suggest keeping it for your future Characters which are hard to LVL. Probably at this point that you're LVL70ish you're now a HUNTER From LVL70ish-LVL80ish you could start farming for you basic equips, APPLE OF ARCHER(AoA) at Payon Dungeon 2 there is no direct warp here so you gotta walk from Payon Dungeon 1 to reach this one and when you reach it start killing this guy: He's an Archer Skeleton, it's card is also helpful it gives +10% SWAG, Just kidding, it give +10% Damage to Range attacks. Lels. If you manage to farm extra AoA by any chance if the Odds are in favor with you of course. You can sell them for 1Million zeny the lowest up to 2Million zeny(I always sell mine for 1M) xD After farming for AoA you can start farming Zerom Card you can find ZEROMs at SPHINX DUNGEON level 2, yup that guy over there carrying some contraband is what a Zerom looks like....., since there's no direct warp on it unless you get VIP, you have to walk not literally walk of course use FLY WINGS....DUHH. XD HAVE PATIENCE in farming this Cards since it drops like after a hundreds sometimes you got lucky and get it right away. AND if you got some extra cards you could always sell they for 3Million zeny the cheapest up to 3.5M-4M. After getting Zerom Cards, your LVL might be around 80ish, you are now going to start hunting GLOVEs. You can get them from STING Before heading to sting map you should first get FIRE ARROWS and make sure you're already Hunter Bow and if you manage to earn some zeny you could use the #trade and look for a Burning Bow which is roughly around 200k-400k. Sometimes 500k. You can see these guys at WARPER -> DUNGEON -> GLAST HEIM -> Underground Cave From farming these guys you'll hit LVL9X well in my case I reach LVL99 from just killing STINGs. If you manage to get extra extra extra gloves, wear them on your foot. JK!!! (not funny QQ) You could sell them for 2Million zeny up to 3Million zeny. And from here on out start BGing get the BG GEARS after getting the BG gears, especially the BOW( get the VALOR BOW) Go to @go shop again and get HOLY ARROWS start farming Raydric Card of course from RAYDRICs You can sell Raydric Cards for 3Million Zeny CHEAPEST up to 3.5M-4Million Zenny You can find them at WARPER -> DUNGEON -> GLAST HEIM -> Chivalry See?! EASY RIGHT? FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST AND HELP ME OUT TO HELP NEWBIES LIKE ME. :3 I need to end this here because I'm really really really sleepy. X_X That's it for now. :3
  2. Well for me, I think 20kish-30k is just fine. I'm just playing bg for 2days(not straight sleep included) And I got 2K badges already. So in other words if I keep on BGing I can get LBH in 10days? Isn't that cheap? Playing for just 10days or less and you got good gear. =.= 10K is too low in my opinion. Well atleast in my opinion. That's how I see it. Some people enjoy doing it the hardway that's why it's a midrate somewhat lowrate server. Things are meant to be somehow hard to obtain. PLUS you can always buy badges from other player who're grinding BG. 10K is like making it free and losing the server's balance. Once people completed their desired BG gear they'll just ditch the BG. In other words less people are going to play BG and it'll be hard for the new comers to earn badges since not that much are into it because they got what they want already. They'll just bg if they want to get some pots or other usable items(poison bottle,Acid demo bottles,etc.) Just saying. ~~~~
  3. To play or to sleep..... Torn between two lovers. :'/