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  1. Baha. Canadians don't have this problem tonight
  2. Urgh moving sucks >.>

  3. O, belated happy birthday!

    1. Mystery


      Thank you good person you Metan person you. D;

  4. Merry Mystyday, Mystery! :)

    1. Mystery


      LolxD Thanks Haziel! 

  5. Wew Birthday! Congrats! <3

    1. Mystery


      Thanks Shourei :D

  6. Wow already 24, I wish you a great birthday and health for the rest of your ages. <3:blush:

    1. Mystery


      Wahhh yes. Already 24 ;( Oh well haha. Thanks :D! 

  7. Happy Birthday Mysty <3 I hope you will have a nice day and lotsa presents~

    1. Mystery


      Thanks Dai <3 

  8. I don't want to get older tomorrow. Can I stop time?

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    2. Zylgrill


      Proclaim High Noon, it will forever be High Noon. Time won't move from there.

    3. Immy


      Getting older isn't so bad, I mean the other options is getting dead.
      Happy Birthday! Enjoy it, take the day for you, do something you normally wouldn't do, indulge yourself completely.

    4. Mystery


      Thanks guys <3 

  9. Pet db release >;3

    1. Shourei


      Grats! Although, I thought it'd be here by now


    2. Mystery


      Thanks @Shourei fixed it ;3

  10. Indeed. No reason to have this topic up no longer to keep the ranting going on. Everything that wanted to be said was said. When the team comes up with a decision, it'll be announced.
  11. I'm really not sure why you would want every class to feel the same for? Why would the rest of the classes throughout RO have to suffer like an Alchemist who may or may not go AFK to farm? As @Nihad mentioned, the purpose is to heavily affect those chemists that DO GO AFK to just farm; why burden the rest of the classes? Really, the thread should bring about different ways to prevent AFK chemists to gain much - not try to hurt other classes farming capabilities. So far: Prevent Homuns from being affected by autoloot Prevent autoloot from homuns on certain maps
  12. You're looking at rAthena while I'm looking at Hercules. Two different values D: Overall discussion between emulators... the chance is still low to get the Class Change skill. Very low.
  13. It isn't disabled o_o and yeah it is one of many ??? skills. As for the class change, it has a value of 2500 which is still low at 2.5% o_o. (should be at least)
  14. That ???? skill is also known as Beastly Hypnosis. The chance of getting this skill is 4000. Which converts into 4% chance. This chance has been pretty much standard since the dawn of time o-o
  15. Farmer (with that straw hat).