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  1. あなたも廻り、そして舞い散る。

  2. First, we suggest bunch of stuff that might be useful (based on play experience and complaints) Then we wait until December for the server to re-launch. Also, Welcome.
  3. Assuming that we're getting a better quality of life in EWR. Would you prefer to start fresh? (Oh and donaters will get their CP again) Just out of curiosity what do people want and think is best. There's no reason to wipe the server anyway since it's getting easier instead of harder. Discuss please.
  4. Hi. and Happy Early Birthday.
  5. @Zeloth if you did the tooldealer quest in the novice area, you'll know about @td or @tooldealer. Hue.
  6. A proper solution to this is to make the achievement appears on the a quest window. That way there's no pop up, just a dispbottom which say that you have completed a quest; In addition you get to keep track on which achievement you've completed. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time and effort. But by all means, this option should be considered.
  7. I played EuphRO too back in the days. Was a high priest named Reion
  8. Wao. Hello.
  9. Carpe Diem............................................................................. 11 (5 + 1)
  10. Hi.