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  1. Starcraft 2 quote
  2. Greetings, It doesn’t seem right to write anything lengthy at this point. We have decided that Elaria Woon Reloaded needs to be put to rest. It was a very entertaining and educational experience but we feel it is time to move on. Elaria Woon Reloaded will be permanently shut down this Sunday. A lot has happened since the start and it really has been a crazy ride. Everything that needs to be said has been said in the last 2-3 months in our struggle to keep the server going. You will find our personal statements down below. Nihad: I have real life commitments now so I honestly can’t treat RO anything more than a hobby. I expressed my opinion in this regard last month and I stand by it. I now use my free time to work on some really cool stuff which may surface in the future on other servers. With this I think it’s also time to close the curtain on my admin days. It’s not something I have the time for nor do I think people appreciate my outdated style any more. My future involvements with RO servers will most likely be developer and advisory positions. Thanks to all my loyal followers for these many years, may we see each other again. Daifuku: It was my first experience with the MR community and I enjoyed it. Learned a lot about the needs of MR players which are pretty different from LR players I was used to. I'll take a break from the RO community for a while too but I'll be back within the next couple months and maybe we'll see each other again. Met a lot nice people which also added me on Facebook, it's nice to stay in contact with you, thanks for not only seeing me as server admin but also as a friend. I hope despite the struggle the server had sometimes that you still enjoyed your time with us; thank you guys. May we meet again. ♥
  3. These changes have already been applied in game: World's End Modifications Renamed the event to Divine Intervention Changed the NPC from the Grim Reaper to Valkyrie, you can also click on her without having to walk to her Added a point converted option in the Info NPC When you go to the contribution points tab, you will have an option to convert your points to Amber Pearls 300 points = 1 Amber Pearl Activated the Grand Invasion Portion of the Event Prontera will be invaded by 2 of every MvP in the game The counter will be reset to 0 after the invasion happens By getting the last hit on any one of the MvPs you will get 10 contribution points 96 MvPs are summoned total More updates coming throughout the week. My schedule is starting to clear up so I will be adding things in game as soon as I get them coded.
  4. You need to make an ingame account. http://playelaria.com/
  5. Feature Changes Guild System All guild equipment and cards have had their stats removed. They can still be worn so you can de-card your equipment and cards. All guild items will be deleted next update, so de-card anything you want to keep. As you were initially warned that any items connected to guild cards or any cards connected to guild items would end up being guild bound, that will remain true. You will not b able to unbind any guild items that have already been bound. Unrestricted items will remain as they were. Battlegrounds Removed all BG happy hours BG supply pries have been adjusted. You now get roughly 10% less supplies for your badges when buying BG/PvP supplies. Since the change isn't that big I will not be deleting all existing supplies. Server Proxies Europe Proxy has been removed LA proxy will be removed at the end of the month since I pre-paid for it last month World's End Instead of server explode at counter 100 a server invasion will happen Reduced Flame Heart requirement down to 100 Add coontribution point system For every 10,000z donated you get 1 point For every Stone, Jellopy, Piece of Fish you donate you get 1 point For every Flame heart you donate you get 10 points For every monster you kill in wave 1 of invasion you get 1 point For every monster you kill in wave 2 of invasion you get 2 points For every monster you kill in wave 3 of invasion you get 3 points The item gathering event will now allow you do over donate items for the next round EXP and Drop bonuses have been added based on the counter status If counter is at 90 or less 10% Monster EXP Bonus If counter is at 75 or less 15% Monster EXP Bonus 5% Quest EXP Bonus If counter is at 50 or less 20% Monster EXP Bonus 10% Quest EXP Bonus 5% normal monster drop rates bonus"; If counter is at 25 or less: 25% Monster EXP Bonus 15% Quest EXP Bonus 10% normal monster drop rates bonus If counter is at 10 or less: 50% Monster EXP Bonus 20% Quest EXP Bonus 15% normal monster drop rates bonus 2x MvP card drops bonus Quest Zone Unlocked Zone 2 in the Dimensional Crack Area Added Bakonawa Instance
  6. Dear adventurer, So after talking it over with Daifu and checking out the comments, I’m going to invest all my free time into babysitting the server and nurturing it back to health. I also got messaged by a number of the players that still wish to keep the server growing and I think they have earned it. My focus isn’t really going to be in growing the server though, rather I want to improve the server and if it grows as a result then great. In order to minimize the financial strain I’m going to remove the proxy servers and move the test server over to the same machine as the main server. This will reduce the hosting costs by roughly 60%. I don’t think it makes sense to keep the proxies going given the server population, if the population does increase and we can financially support them then they will be re-added. I will also be taking a deeper dive into the technical side of the emulator, to see how far I can increase the emulator limits. This will also mean that I will need to update to the latest herc repo and it could take some time cleaning all their changes. But that will make it a bit easier when adding new features and changing the game client. I want to increase the longevity and health of the server and gameplay. The guild system needs to be revamped, pretty much all those custom copies of items will be removed and the existing ones have their stats removed. Almost everyone agrees that it has had a seriously negative impact on the economy. The feature is great in theory and still has its uses, but not for WoE gears. BG needs some changes as well. BG Happy Hour is also great in theory, but it just makes BG dead the rest of the time. So that will be removed, however we will keep the badge bonuses based on how many players played in the previous round. Supply prices need to be increased for the most part; we kept decreasing them due to player demands while increasing the badge rewards. This has led to BG supplies being almost free. All existing BG supplies will be removed using SQL commands. So feel free to login and use them up before the next update. New content such as nerfed renewal instances will be added that give out slightly more powerful end game equipment. New gears that increase the versatility of gameplay will also be added. The gears will require tweaking so they will not be perfect upon release, I simply ask that players have an open mind and welcome new things instead of shunning anything that isn’t what they are typically used to. If it doesn’t work then it gets removed. The concept behind the World’s End actually inspired some great server wide event ideas. Rate bonuses and special events as rewards and server invasions as punishments would really spice up the server. Contribution points will be given out and everything will be made to roll over to the next event to prevent supplies going to waste. The punishments and rewards would be calculated every hour so it would essentially be like having floating rates and pending invasions. On top of that a ladder system will be added with a monthly reset where the top 10 people get tiny bonuses. Other small changes will also happen such as adding some Zeny sinks and possibly re-adding others. A lot of convenience features were added without a Zeny offset. Proper Zeny sinks should barely be noticed but have a great impact when looking at the server economy as a whole. Much stricter rules for in game and forum behavior will be implemented. The initial planning group wanted very lax rules in that aspect, which has left a lot of wiggle room for players to harass each other. The server doesn’t need to be babysat, but clearer and stricter rules need to be put in place. All in all I want to make it a place for players to be able to come and hang out without having to worry about other players ruining their fun time. PvP will be left as an almost no rules zone so that people can vent if that’s what they need to do. As always racism and serious things like that will also not be tolerated in PvP, but trash talk will be encouraged. The server should be a place where you have loads of things to do besides BG and PvP, but still encouraging people that enjoy those as well. In order for that to happen some sacrifices need to be made from the players but I think we can get through it. I am asking Daifu to take a small break. She will take a few weeks off from dealing with the community and focus on the backend side of the server. My hopes are that in a few weeks we will have a small but a very friendly and welcoming community that will not only have enjoyable gameplay but fun players as well. Even as is, the server has some incredibly unique features, and if given the proper support from the players to clean those up and remove some harmful ones, we really can transform this server. But to be perfectly honest, I just want to have fun with the community. Reloaded once dropped to 20 players after being near 500, and I took on a similar mentality and recovered the server to near 700. That base of players that stuck around bonded together and formed an incredibly strong base that later supported hundreds of players. A lot of those players still follow Woon and play on my servers and I’d like to continue serving them. So what the hell, I’m just going to have fun with what players remain.
  7. To reply to iwi, it's kind of asking the impossible. It's asking the community to change and I don't think that's likely to happen. However the hope is to have a big enough community where it still makes it fun even if it's a bunch of jerks, or get rid of the toxic players and have a smaller more positive community. Wiping and starting fresh is asking for a bigger and typical midrate community, continuing is cleaning the existing player base. So lot stricter rules would need to be put in place to make cleaning a lot faster. I prefer the second option, there are a lot of features that need to be taken a step back to make it a more stable server. Undoing these features would get rid of most of the jerks since they wouldn't want things that require any effort. That would leave us with a better community and a server that's once again fun to work on. The downside to that is that we would probably have a couple of months of <30 players which would be kind of boring for everyone. Keep in mind the things stated above apply to the majority, there is a small loyal group of players that we really enjoy working for. Hope that clarifies why we don't just pull the plug. We think there is still a future, we just want to know which way the players want to go.
  8. In case you haven't noticed I haven't been able to provide any follow up updates since almost 2 weeks ago. My laptop has a nasty case of the blue screen of death. All attempts so far at fixing it have failed, though there is still hope. I will be getting new ram sticks tomorrow because evidence suggests that that may be the issue. The problem is that I cannot even run any proper diagnostics on the laptop before the OS gives up on me. However the stuff I have been able to look into as well as what the dude at the service shop suggests is that one or more of my RAM sticks has died or on the way out. If RAM is the issue I should be back in action by Saturday.
  9. Added a timer stop for Zeny and Item Gather World End Events. I had left the timer permanently on during testing, once the event is completed the timer will turn off. Implemented a new formula for Zeny requirements, it is now online users /4 *1,000,000 instead of online users/2 * 1,000,000 Reduced World's End counter by 1 since Death Knight was completed but he added a counter Reduced World's End counter by 2 since Zeny event was completed and she added a counter, I decreased it by 2 since the requirements were twice as much Final fix for favorited maps not being added to last warp Since the "Dungeon" option in the warper is a lot more used than the "Towns", I have swapped those 2 so that people don't have to scroll for dungeons In the guild window I have changed the "Number of Members" to "Guild Members" which will prevent the number from going into the "Tax"
  10. Rewards happen at the end of the month for X time based on performance. So it's not like you have to maintain below 10 for the entire month to get the best bonus, you just got to finish with it Also merchant thing makes no sense. Merchants are auto kicked after 7 days, also you exaggerated a bit too much. We changed vend maps 2 weeks ago, and all merchants were force kicked then. Even if we didn't have auto kick, the oldest merchant would be 2 weeks.
  11. Diabolus Ring clarification: Diabolus ring adds 3% atk (damage) when worn with Diabolus Robe. This damage will not show up in your stats window, but rather you will see it directly when attacking a monster. Confirmed earlier on poring, damage went from 477 to 491.
  12. I have edited Daifu's post with the information about the World's End. I am 95% finished with everything needed for wave 1, but it's 12:30 and I have work in the morning. I do not feel comfortable adding something like this unless I have had enough time to test every single scenario. Screwing this up would be really bad. So I have postponed this maintenance until Sunday, this will also give me a chance to finish up some of those bug reports I have been working on.
  13. B-day buddy konichiwa! I got cake!
  14. No ones made me any cake sooooo yeah. We'll see though... there's still half a day left. Worst case scenario I'ma go buy my self some fkin cake.
  15. I did not increase MvP drops, however I will be around a bit on my actual b-day on Friday to do a bunch more events like I did on Sunday. Since it is my b-day and I still got work that day, I will do those events in the morning. So like 10ish Europe time. Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone.