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  1. Added a timer stop for Zeny and Item Gather World End Events. I had left the timer permanently on during testing, once the event is completed the timer will turn off. Implemented a new formula for Zeny requirements, it is now online users /4 *1,000,000 instead of online users/2 * 1,000,000 Reduced World's End counter by 1 since Death Knight was completed but he added a counter Reduced World's End counter by 2 since Zeny event was completed and she added a counter, I decreased it by 2 since the requirements were twice as much Final fix for favorited maps not being added to last warp Since the "Dungeon" option in the warper is a lot more used than the "Towns", I have swapped those 2 so that people don't have to scroll for dungeons In the guild window I have changed the "Number of Members" to "Guild Members" which will prevent the number from going into the "Tax"
  2. Rewards happen at the end of the month for X time based on performance. So it's not like you have to maintain below 10 for the entire month to get the best bonus, you just got to finish with it Also merchant thing makes no sense. Merchants are auto kicked after 7 days, also you exaggerated a bit too much. We changed vend maps 2 weeks ago, and all merchants were force kicked then. Even if we didn't have auto kick, the oldest merchant would be 2 weeks.
  3. Diabolus Ring clarification: Diabolus ring adds 3% atk (damage) when worn with Diabolus Robe. This damage will not show up in your stats window, but rather you will see it directly when attacking a monster. Confirmed earlier on poring, damage went from 477 to 491.
  4. I have edited Daifu's post with the information about the World's End. I am 95% finished with everything needed for wave 1, but it's 12:30 and I have work in the morning. I do not feel comfortable adding something like this unless I have had enough time to test every single scenario. Screwing this up would be really bad. So I have postponed this maintenance until Sunday, this will also give me a chance to finish up some of those bug reports I have been working on.
  5. Dear adventurer, today we are going to slowly introduce a new important system! A major problem with MMOs is that there is no real end goal. You play the game until you get bored and leave or it closes their doors for good. You might also take a break and come back in hopes that not too much has changed so you can enjoy the same game. However people are often disappointed with all of that since there is no set expectation of what is to come or what the consequences could be. With that being said, allow us to introduce the World's End System! World's End System: Every now and then the server will trigger a specific World's End event. It can be anything from MvP hunts, monster invasions, item gathering, mini games, seasonal events, instance runs, devil squares, GM hosted events and more! The server as a whole will be given a specific time span to complete the mission successfully. Failing to do so will increase the World's End counter by 1. When the counter hits it's maximum, the server will automatically shut down and all data will be wiped. Now there is a bit reassurance. Some events will be very easy and some will be harder. It might not always be possible to complete all the events perfectly, so there is a redemption period. A Redemption Event will trigger where players can donate badges, souls or guild points to reduce the World End counter. There will also be seasonal events to "reset" the trigger back to it's minimum! Phew~ As time goes by we will add more elaborate World's End Events and there will also be a special World's End Shop! With every mission you complete you will get points which you can spend to get special items. Important Information: This new System sounds scary because of the "all data will be wiped" part but as long as our population does not drop below ~15 players; there is no need to fear. The missions will be made out of already implemented events and features. This System will help the community and the server to see when the server is not doing good/if our population is too low to keep the server running. A low populated server has never been our vision. We have been fighting for a decent population since September 10th. We don't want to drop below 15 active players anymore like we did before we went into hiatus to revamp the entire server for the community. Of course we will take into consideration how many players we currently have without vendors and duals and adjust the harder missions accordingly. We truely think that this System could give the server a purpose and players a new goal as we've heard that a lot of you are bored and have nothing to fight or work for. What needs to be discussed with the community: You will still have the chance to raise your voices! Please make sure to discuss the following topics so we know how to implement them properly: What would be the hardest event you would be willing to do in order to protect the server? For example, Devil Square? Or maybe an Instance? How many Badges, Player Souls or Guild Points would you be willing to sacrifice? Numbers per player / per Redemption Event Should the events trigger on specific times or randomized like automated events? If they should be triggered on specific times, please let us know the timezones based on our servertime showed with @time or on our website. What is the maximum amount of World's End Events you'd want to see per day? The minimum would be two per day, which would keep the server without a wipe for more than two months without anyone participating in any events at all. Please open suggestions in the suggestion section if you have more ideas on how to make this System reasonable and discussions in the discussion section if you want to talk about the feature in general. Donators:
  6. B-day buddy konichiwa! I got cake!
  7. No ones made me any cake sooooo yeah. We'll see though... there's still half a day left. Worst case scenario I'ma go buy my self some fkin cake.
  8. I did not increase MvP drops, however I will be around a bit on my actual b-day on Friday to do a bunch more events like I did on Sunday. Since it is my b-day and I still got work that day, I will do those events in the morning. So like 10ish Europe time. Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone.
  9. hi, there's a link to dl script for ahk.. is it allowed to use it?

  10. Pinned. This is really nice and very helpful for people that are used to the default restock used by most servers.
  11. Thanks to taikun for the detailed report regarding guild boss hunts. It seems the script has a chance to stop the monster check if the guild leader is in a party with people from other guilds or people not in guilds at all. I will do more testing on this and then if confirmed I will fix it for next update, however for now to avoid loosing a mission, just make sure everyone in your party is also in the same guild. This only applies when doing guild Boss hunts.
  12. Dear adventurer, So a lot of people have been asking about where I have been. Read more if you are interested! I'm actually still putting time into the server, it's just more prioritized since I do not have as much time as I did before. I pretty much have Daifu make me a list of things I need to code or resolve and I take care of those things as I get the opportunity. I have also been taking any chances I get to teach Daifu how to take care of some of my responsibilities so that the players do not suffer too much. As to why has my time on Elaria changed so much, this was understood even before we started working on Elaria Woon Reloaded. The reason I refused to work on any projects is because I knew this time would come, but I decided to work on Elaria because it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up and there were delays in my plans in real life. As many of you know I have been a martial arts instructor for years but a few years ago I moved back to Bosnia. This freed up my time a lot and allowed me to focus on Woon. However the martial arts never really left my life, I continued to train on my own and stayed in touch with my students as well as instructors. At the start of 2016 I started making plans to open up my own school and raise my own team from scratch. The laws and regulations in Bosnia are a bit sketchy so that process took way longer than expected, but it allowed me to jump in on this amazingly entertaining project. Anyway the last few weeks have been crazy, I had to finish all of the paperwork before the end of the year since laws were changing, otherwise I would have to restart the entire process, and I had no intention of postponing for yet another year. So I somehow managed to get everything done. Right after new years I started marketing and promotions, getting all the equipment and figuring out the logistics. It's quite a big task launching any business from scratch. I'm finally at the end of my year long journey and am about to step foot into unknown territory. Registrations start in less than 24 hours and then classes start on the 16th of Jan. As you can imagine there are still tons of things to do and not enough time to do them all. I have an interview scheduled tomorrow at a t.v. station and and more interviews throughout the week. Needless to say I have fully invested my self into this and I am as nervous as I am excited. So that's what's been going on, what's the plan from here? This and next week will be insanity basically, it's the first 2 weeks. I will however try to find time to address some of the bigger and more complicated coding tasks for Elaria. After these 2 weeks I feel I should get on a regular schedule and the swing of things and should be able to put time into Elaria on a regular basis. I don't think I will ever have as much time as I did at the start of this project. However that's where prioritizing comes into play. Rather than using my time to chat on discord with players and mess around in game, GMs will fill those roles. I will use my time to keep the server progressing in terms of development and planning. Daifu and I are still in touch throughout the day so I am still well aware of everything that is going on. I know I have a lot of unanswered messages at the moment, but I will get to them as soon as I have some free time. If it's urgent it would be better to get in touch with one of the other staff, however if you can wait a few days for a reply then as always feel free to send me a message. Good night and see you all soon.
  13. Mac IP banned, anyway typing [GM] normally doesn't work, feel free to try it out. It's possible he used special versions of some letters in order to bypass the filter. I reworked it a tiny bit to limit more versions but if you guys find ones where u can bypass the filter please let us know so we can add them. The more we block the harder it is for them to scam people.
  14. Dear adventurer, This has come to my attention several times, but there isn't a single post anywhere that lists all our changes to official content and what we have nerfed. As a result many people tend to be mislead into doing things that may be a waste of time. So here is the list to the best of my knowledge, if I missed anything please send me a message. Global Changes: Official job quests removed Eden exp quests modified and moved to @go quest Most miniboss card drop rates have been increased to the normal card drop rates, the exceptions are monsters such as Ghostring, Angeling, Deviing and a few others. Use "@mi monstername" to check in game drop rates. Removed Mi Gao's and Ant Egg's morph Drastically reduced the bats from Dracula and their respawn Lowered the item drop rates from Lunakaligo Some MvP maps are still not available in warper ROMed and AHK are allowed but we do not provide support for them Skill/Item Changes & Settings: Snap Dodge is enabled everywhere Elemental sword has been nerfed so that the chain only works off of cold bolt Reflect damage has been limited to the player's HP Songs will not automatically rebuff you unless you are moving within the song area Dolomedes Card base Dex reduced to +1 instead of +2 The following items have had their sell prices halved in order to minimize Zeny inflation Mastela Fruit Royal Jelly Silver Ring Gold Ring Diamond Ring Stiletto 1carat Diamond 2carat Diamond 3carat Diamond Crest Pieces Crystal Mirror Flame Heart Great Nature Munak Doll Pearl Topaz Witherless Rose All +7 Foods They can be bought from BG universal supplies as a result they inflate the Zeny BG Changes and Settings: Snap + Snap Dodge is enabled FBH + GTB are disabled All other MvP Cards are enabled Emperium is Plant Based WoE Changes and Settings: Snap + Snap Dodge is enabled FBH + GTB are disabled All other MvP Cards are enabled Yggdrasil Seeds and Berries are disabled Emperium is Plant Based
  15. Player has failed to respond, they have been jailed.