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  1. lol
  2. The server's name has been memed into the ground. I feel it cannot be taken seriously anymore, as it is. As previously suggested, I believe a wipe/relaunch with a re-branded name and website would be appropriate. You have many features that can easily draw in a crowd, and I do not doubt you both still have the ability to generate hype for a new project. This server just has too much history weighing it down. It makes much more sense to re-brand than to continue with the current name. Even with the server's rocky start, it had been growing steadily until Daifu's sick leave early March. I joined staff with the intention of helping the server grow and doing my part to help out wherever I could. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no communication with staff after Daifu's sick leave. We were not told anything about the World End Event until it was posted and weren't notified when Daifu had left for her trip. Seems a little unfair to be dealt with the bomb drop when we knew nothing of it ourselves, especially if players are asking about it (rip "quintus" lol). The lack of communication is what really did it for the last round of staff. We had hope that things would get better once you recovered and came back before your trip. All of that was pretty much crushed after the announcement for World End with absolutely zero correspondence. This, of course, had a similar effect on whatever population you built up.
  3. A lot of us have moved onto other servers, but since we did put a lot of care into this server and cherish the memories (albeit short) we've made here, it makes sense for people to want to stay updated on what's happening/going to happen.
  4. You cannot leave a server alone for an entire month with little to no contact with your staff who are powerless to really do anything and then drop controversial news without any communication. This is the result.
  5. Because people can't possibly play more than one server. lmao I do understand that it is troubling that people are +1'ing when they weren't as active or active at all here. With that said, I believe looking around other servers gives better insight on what they were doing right and what could've been applied here.
  6. The number of times you guys didn't have LP and didn't get wiped. R I P
  7. Vote4Points are not implemented for this server.
  8. @Yarrow glad i checked youtube before going to bed lol
  9. jeje cap is trash unless you're a clown tho? (maybe pally too -shrugs-) imo it's a pretty standard change for most servers.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rUFQJrCT7M
  11. IGN: The Gay Terrorist EDIT: IGN changed to LiTaF ;)))))))))))
  12. there's no escape
  13. Here's the cringe koreaboo version
  14. edited classes we are currently recruitng. Now looking to recruit the following classes for WoE: Gypsy Clown (need for FE WoE)