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  1. High key kinda want to make a LK just to put it here lol
  2. Welcome! I've already met you in game a bit ago, but please feel free to let me know if you have questions!
  3. LE is the goddess we don't deserve
  4. Omg these are cute lol. Yaaasss dat Minzy thooo
  5. I feel like this one is directed at me, since I was the one that used this as part of my reasoning; however, I would actually like to see mvp warps go away. The only issue with taking them away now is that it's a bit too far into the server's lifespan to make this kind of change. I definitely miss actually mvping, rather than the yolo swag asura swag that's prevalent in most servers. I believe most of the community was for the charge attack buff on LKs. We just have to accept the complexity of it, due to how knock-back in WoE and BG maps is coded in the game source. WS in general are a lost cause, and the only thing that I believe can help them find a niche is status throw tomahawk. 100% stun DD classes have their drawbacks, and I mentioned, but I believe the real culprit in this is having access to autorestock and @restock on WoE and BG maps, rather than just having it in the KO lobby for BG. With that said, it's still manageable. You complain about 1-vit stun resist DD classes, yet you want easier GR cards, which would make these classes nearly impossible to kill without frostjoke or some kind of status. On every server I've played (with this low of a population), none of them have ever opened up more than one WoE castle. It simply doesn't make sense, when you don't have the population to support it. What's the problem with alliances? It makes sense for guilds to come together when they don't have enough people to work independently, no? I fail to see how this will change anything. Currently, there isn't a single guild with a roster of individuals WoE players that comes close to the current cap. You still have your alliances, and you still have your small guilds running around in WoE. I believe the general consensus was to buff the main town healer with added benefits that guilds would otherwise have to grind for in their respective towns. They're basically variants with move-speed tacked onto them. If they were to be implemented, speed pots would have to be removed, due to outrageous movement speed with the two combined. I believe, again, the main issue is the access to autorestock and @restock on BG and WoE maps. Again, I'm still failing to understand your gripe against 100% stun resist. It leaves you completely vulnerable to damage and with less dex (unless during WoE with level 10 food). I also don't understand why you'd like an imbalanced item implemented that you have to grind 6-7 months for, when you can't even be bothered to grind a week (at most) for a simple quest. In my opinion, I believe you to be the one with the skewed perception of this community. Are you serious?
  6. Omg yaasss. Rapmon getting more attractive with each comeback.
  7. Same
  8. Sacred Order Hometown: Aldebaran (@go 6) Guild Leader: Professor Gaysian Current Alliances: Polite as Phuck, Cuz We Can Introduction Hello, everyone! Most of us consist of old friends from various RO servers looking for some nostalgia. Time zones are largely northern NA (US and Canada), with some West Coast. You can usually find us potatoing around in town or playing dress-up to look super kawaii-desu. We are a team oriented guild focusing on WoE and PvM content. While lot of us are friends who've played with each other servers or games, we're more than happy to meet new people! Potato. General Information Hometown: Aldebaran (@go 6) Voice Chat: Discord Preferred Language: English Time Zones: EST (UTC-5), PST (UTC-8), MST (UTC-7), HAST (UTC-10) Current Roster: Professor Gaysian (Guild Leader) Husky(Co-Leader) Wingull fifth world Katsudon Xirrah Alliby Four Dove Genis Sage Emsii Criminal Soap Ggio Hit us up, if you would like to know more!
  9. Personally, I wouldn't but ethics =/= rules. If people want to be dicks, then let them.
  10. Do private rooms next time lol At the end of the day, MVP and minibosses are FFA. Nothing else needs to be said. When you lure them to the entrance, you run the risk of someone killing them.
  11. If old Woon had glorious spears with weight and CA that worked, I don't see how it'd hurt to have the same here. +1 to both of these. As far as WS goes, would something along the lines of making cart boost not dispellable help too much or too little? I'm honestly pretty unfamiliar with the class.
  12. ^
  13. Maybe next time we shouldn't make the new guild mad so they stop annoying us in the back lmao