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  1. +1 for Kim tae woo
  2. Sacred Order Guild Leader: Synch
  3. Sacred Order Recruitment Status: Under Review Hometown: Aldebaran (@go 6) Guild Leader: Synch Introduction Hello, everyone! We've been around for a week or two now, but Sacred Order is officially here to stay! Most of us consist of old friends from various RO servers looking for some nostalgia. Time zones are largely northern NA, with some West Coast and Hawaii. You can usually find us potatoing around in town or playing dress-up to look super kawaii-desu. While most of us know each other, that does not mean afraid to meet new people! General Information Hometown: Aldebaran (@go 6) Guild Leader: Synch WoE & PVM oriented Friendly Team-oriented Potato Current Roster (in progress): Synch (Guild Leader) Momentum (Co-Leader) Wingull Quanti Creme Caramel Xirrahnos Ggio Alliby Four Kantalupa Dove Emsii Dimples Cart Hit us up, if you would like to know more!
  4. Welcome! Hope you have fun here and hopfully see ya in game!
  5. rip my bad. Actually throw it on my champion, Synch.
  6. Posted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12646004702/permalink/10154979052019703/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/2431893783/permalink/10154900240888784/
  7. When this issue happened to me, the setup.exe file would error. I simply found an alternative setup configuration exe, such as opensetup that worked just fine.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcomes
  9. Kristin Chenoweth is literally perfect