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  1. Imma join with LK!
  2. ye +1 but only in BG
  3. Ah rofl, didn't think about guild equipments. So I should add: -You don't want to remove prequest for Nydoggr dungeon, yet you're totally fine with having free guild proxy skins. Anyway I knew you Develon are one of the guys with the most common sense in here.
  4. I know there's someone with good arguments, but judging from suggestions' result, the community in his majority is way too incoherent.
  5. -You don't want to remove ultra-boring pre-quests because "they're part of the game" and "it would be too much high-rates-style", yet you accepted warps for everymap to solo-asura every mvp (except ghost ones). -You don't want to empower LKs, WSs and SinXs because they would be too imba, but you accept without problems 1-vit stun immune bombers with unlimited bomb supplies and scholars with unlimited gems. -You don't want ghostring cards to be easier to find (maybe MCA?), yet you don't mind champions with unlimited blue potions that can kill everyone in BGs so fast unless there's a scholar in the opposite team (and in that case the champ is kinda powerless). -You don't want to have more than one castle open for WoE because there's not enough WoE-guilds, but it's fine to have guild-alliances so that guilds can play together. -You don't want to increase a bit WoE-members cap because with low cap more guilds can be formed and we can have more different sides in WoE, but it's fine to have guild-alliances so that guilds can play together. -You don't want guild maps because then towns would be empty, yet you are totally fine in having a shitloads of towns with all NPCs so that basically we have guild maps and every town is kinda empty anyway (1-2 ppl per town). -You don't want to add Godlikes like Sleipnirs as long-quest-items cos of speed reasons, but you're okay with having unlimited supplies of speed potions. -You don't want to add Godlikes like nerfed Megs (+15 str) or the other nerfed stuff (that would require 6-7 months to be done and an entire guild work) because it's too imbalanced, yet it's fine to have a combo that give easily stun immunity on 3 classes and very easy to be achieved (150m?). And there are more that right now I forgot... Are you serious?
  6. I would like to find (start) a group of MVPers/Instancers to do some end game content. Is there any already existing?
  7. Vieni!
  8. Si abbastanza, è arrivato un gruppetto da DominusRO
  9. I agree!
  10. It was pretty good, eventually seemed that we could not win this time, but in the end with a bit more of organization we managed to wipe off enemies. Congrats anyway, you're getting better and better. p.s. Nik died from a Coma, shame on him!
  11. ahahah Crocetti! Ciao Gala! Sono stato in settimana bianca, comunque la sera mi trovate spesso su: Uther Leonhearin Varian Leonhearin Thrall Leonhearin
  12. Eh would be cool to have a pre-trans WoE aswell! Imma play Knight FTW! And FE is not stupid at all, even with trans classes, just requires more planning and tactics than actual playing-skills. You don't know how much time I spent planning defenses of 100-150 ppl vs 200-300 ppl on the official, I loved that part. Of course if I could have had 120 bots doing exactly what I planned (and 30 real players doing the dynamic part), it would be the same, but eh, that's FE.