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  1. Alt + M And you can change the basic "Alt + 1" shortcut to any other (in this example to Alt + X) Other functions "Flag" will only change the buttons for the flag emotions.
  2. @Kris Plis watch dis, 2k10 style
  3. No discussion.
  4. Welcome. Coincidentally, I sell ice cream.
  5. Welcome. 0 3 0
  6. Who does not? But this is officially a Mid Rate :0 Technically, you could be right +1 but I am still frightened. I welcome you with love and hope that you will enjoy your stay ~ If you need help, just contact any GM in the forum or use @request / @request2 in the game. Greetings, Ava
  7. @Kris The where is Saskes Honoikazuchi? :[
  8. T Lit rmx for you @Rav
  9. Lmao nardooo
  10. Wow already 24, I wish you a great birthday and health for the rest of your ages. <3:blush:

    1. Mystery


      Wahhh yes. Already 24 ;( Oh well haha. Thanks :D! 

  11. Welcome again!
  12. I think the last fight was too funny. Narutos face got totally demolished lol