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  1. Dear adventurer, today we would like to start a special promotion event! How does this work? It is pretty simple and does not take much time. All you have to do is copy the text you will find below and paste it into an advertisement forum or group for ragnarok advertisements. Once that's done, drop us a link of your submission so we can check if you actually did it! Of course this has to come with guidelines as we do not want to cause any trouble or have you post in the wrong sections! Please read the Rules & Guidelines for more information. Promotion Text/Information Rules & Guidelines: Do not post on other servers groups or forums. This is strictly forbidden and will end up with being disqualified. Do not post on ratemyserver.net unless it is in this section and only if a user is asking for a server that fits ours: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/server-seeking/ Do not write us reviews - this is not what this promotion is about! Had to be removed sadly. Do not multi-post or spam forums/groups as this can get you blocked easily. Do not post on a forum/website/group if another person has already promoted the server there. Excluding facebook ragnarok advertising groups. Facebook group promotions only count once a day per person. If you post 5x in the same group during the day you will only get the reward once. If you post 1x in various groups during the day you will get the reward per group once. Where to promote: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Ragnarok Advertisement Groups, Ragnarok Advertisement Forums, Guild Forums What is the reward? The reward is cash points. We categorize it in three different groups: Social Media/Advertising Groups gets 5CP per post as it's a simply copy/paste. Ratemyserver (server seeking area) gets 25CP per post as you will have to write an individual promotion for the user that is seeking for a server. Guild Forums gets 20CP per post as you will have to sign up on most forums and have a waiting period. Why are we doing a promotion event? Instead of hiring a random person we figured it would make the community happy to get some extra cash points for a small effort. It also helps the server to grow! When does the event end? The event will run for one week. If this event becomes a success we will run it more often in the future! On 2017.01.22 at 1PM servertime the event will end.
  2. Now that it's finally fixed and you are able to post videos let's hear what you guys like! (kr1s, you can go nuts now)
  3. Given out (: Tonight I'll check for the RMS posts that didn't get deleted.
  4. Dear adventurer, please ready carefully as this post contains important information! We have a new Client but sadly the outzoom is less than the old Client had. I didn't pay attention to this so you can blame it on me! New client will be patched in shortly! Sorry for the trouble caused!
  5. Dear adventurer, below you will find our latest changes, please make sure to read them carefully! Our Maintenance is scheduled to be on 2017.01.18 at 2PM servertime. Important Information: Christmas related content has been removed. Except headgear quests in @go quest. [GM] Kitty Kat has been removed from the staff. Donation Promotion: Cash Shop Modifications: Added Skin Colors back to cash shop. Added Ship Captains Hat [1] to cash shop. Removed Santa's Box, Chocolate Box & Winter Box. Rotated Cosmetic Headgears - new list in spoiler below. Amber Roulette Modifications: Rotated Ambernite Roulette Items - new list in spoiler below. Global Modifications: Wednesday War of Emperium moved to 10AM servertime. Optimized certain scripts to help reduce lag when large numbers of monsters are summoned. Added option to buy restock slots using amber pearls. Command Modifications: @homtalk implemented. @pettalk implemented. @ammo implemented. @adopt implemented. Husband, Wife + Novice that wants to be adopted need to be together in a party. Use @adopt Husband,Wife,Novice Replace "Husband" etc. with the char names and do not put spaces next to the "," Make sure the person you want to adopt is a novice. NPC Modifications: Prontera warp coordinates have been adjusted to the new map. Moved WoE Information board position in amatsu. Adjusted menu description on stylist. Healer works now in every town with a 10x10 cell range. Please make sure to place your tokens etc. into the storage when going AFK or just walking around as they get consumed whenever you get buffed. Added Kafra Services to gamble area. Added duplicate of amber pearl shop to gamble area (next to ambernite roulette). Added Gunslinger Shop to Misc Dealer in @go shop Following items have been added: Blood Cartridge, Cartridge, Silver Cartridge, Blind Sphere Pack, Flare Sphere Pack, Freezing Sphere Pack, Poison Sphere Pack Removed Pineapple & Melon repeatable quest from Department Quests. Removed duplicate in amber pearl shop. Guild Master "Information" tab gives more important information about restrictions. Unrestricted Items tab does aswell. Added Devilsquare back with new rewards: Old Card Album Token of Siegfried 5x Amber Pearls Devilsquare automated times are: 02:15, 06:15, 10:15, 14:15, 18:15 and 22:15 @time Stylist has more hairstyles now. Some might not be aligned 100% yet, but this will be fixed asap. Item Modifications and Fixes: Fixed Ship Captain Hat [1] description. Fixed Combat Knife description. Fixed Laurel Wreath [1] description. Fixed Proof Of Sapha's Honor description. Fixed Absorb Spirits Skill description. Fixed Spirit Liquor description. Fixed Yao Jun Hat/Hyegun Hat [1] description. Fixed Lunatic Hat description. Fixed Poporing Hat description. Skill/Class Modifications: Baby classes have 99 stats now. They are however restricted from joining BG or WoE as suggested. Baby class will be warped out of WoE maps upon entering. Songs can be dispelled now. Undid a renewal source edit which made it so songs can't be dispelled. Misc Modifications: Achievement Pictures moved to the lower right of your screen & adjusted to new graphics. Prontera Mini Map updated. Loading Screens updated.
  6. ^Bump - I think this is the final changelog now. Hope I didn't forget anything
  7. @Zee @HeY x SeAn give Rhapsody some love next woe
  8. @Blitz Another poring lover, seriously you should open a guild :v Welcome to the server Marble! I'll give you your cash points later when I am back on the main server.
  9. @Kris Your fav server @HeY x SeAn Welcome to the server :>
  10. Can't wait to have you on the server guys! Great video.
  11. Sorry guys, RMS is out. I figured so because you kept on placing promos where others already promoted. Will edit the text now - please continue posting in other places though!
  12. Dear adventurer, New guild introductions will be rewarded with 15 extra guild points. If you want to know what exactly you have to do to get them, continue reading! How does it work? Create a topic inside Home>Community>Guild & War of Emperium>Guild Introduction Tell us a bit about your guild. For example: Who are you? How many guild members does your guild have? What is your goal on Elaria Woon Reloaded? (WoE, PvP, PvM etc.) Let us know your guild name + guild masters name so we know where to send the reward to. Bump this topic with the link to your guild introduction. What's the reward? You will get 15 extra guild points on top of the normal 100. The 15 Guild Points will be given out within 24 hours after you posted your introduction. (after launch ofc) If it takes more than 24 hours for us to give out the guild points, you will get 5 points on top. This offer only works after server launch since the server is currently not open. What about the old guilds that already Introduced themselves? / My guild topic is gone! We moved the old guild introductions to a different folder, they're not gone. If you want us to restore your old guild topic just PM @Daifuku Or simply post a new one
  13. Welcome to the serverrrrrrr *slap* I KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE! CP given out.
  14. Dear adventurer, starting from today newly arrived souls will be rewarded for introducing themselves! How it works and what you get for doing so will be explained below. How does it work? Create a topic inside Home>Community>Arrival & Inquiries Tell us a bit about yourself. For example: How did you find us? How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online and on which servers? What is your goal on Elaria Woon Reloaded? Let us know one (1) character name where you want your reward on. Bump this topic with the link to your introduction. Tell your friends and fellowers to do the same (: What's the reward? You will get 25 Cash Points for your introduction. They will be Unique ID based and only work for one person. Creating multiple accounts or trying to change your IP won't work. The 25 Cash Points will be given out within 24 hours after you posted your introduction. (after launch ofc) If it takes more than 24 hours for us to give out the cash points, you will get 5CP on top. This offer only works after server launch since the server is currently not open. What about the ones that already Introduced themselves? You will have the same chance. Just post a new Introduction of yourself and that's it.
  15. Welcome to the server! I send you the cash points already (:
  16. Welcome to the server! Please let me know what you call your ingame char so I can send you the arrival reward
  17. Welcome to the server Lord Fifth! =D Thanks for the nice introduction, I certainly will remember your name now. Send yout he cash points =)
  18. Welcome to the server! Glad it finally worked out I send you the CP.
  19. @Ashes Leonhearin CP given out for FB!
  20. @fabinhomascarin Hey! Seems all your RMS posts got deleted. Please make sure you write an individual promotion for the user that is seeking for a server! Do not copy/paste the text I put in the spoiler. Otherwise we'll get problems with ratemyserver and that we don't want. We want this event to be successful and not cause trouble. =) As for the FB post, I'll need a screen since the group is private and I can't join it.
  21. Would never bann our luvely ginji
  22. @dontpingme Please update your ingame name
  23. Welcome to the server! CP given out (:
  24. Welcome to the server Fura! Glad you found your way to us I hope you will find a lot of friends here and enjoy your time with us! Once you have your character ingame, please let me know what your name is so I can send you the 25CP for introducing yourself to us!
  25. @i w i There you go! Another 5CP~ @Artemsis Well I was hoping so, it's nice for players to have an easy way of getting CP without donating and this way also actually helps the server. (: And that's great news with the video! Can't wait to see it.