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  1. Dear adventurer, starting from today newly arrived souls will be rewarded for introducing themselves! How it works and what you get for doing so will be explained below. How does it work? Create a topic inside Home>Community>Arrival & Inquiries Tell us a bit about yourself. For example: How did you find us? How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online and on which servers? What is your goal on Elaria Woon Reloaded? Let us know one (1) character name where you want your reward on. Bump this topic with the link to your introduction. Tell your friends and fellowers to do the same (: What's the reward? You will get 25 Cash Points for your introduction. They will be Unique ID based and only work for one person. Creating multiple accounts or trying to change your IP won't work. The 25 Cash Points will be given out within 24 hours after you posted your introduction. (after launch ofc) If it takes more than 24 hours for us to give out the cash points, you will get 5CP on top. This offer only works after server launch since the server is currently not open. What about the ones that already Introduced themselves? You will have the same chance. Just post a new Introduction of yourself and that's it.
  2. Now that it's finally fixed and you are able to post videos let's hear what you guys like! (kr1s, you can go nuts now)
  3. Dear adventurer, Our Maintenance is scheduled to be on -no date yet- servertime. The changelog is posted prior Maintenance so you have the chance to contribute to the latest changes. If you dislike a change we made, you have enough time to discuss it and suggest for it to be reverted or adjusted. The changelog will be updated frequently, so make sure to check it out every here and then. Important Information: Shake your Shamrocks event ended. Refine Revelry event ended. Happy Birthday event ended. Mining & Fishing Event ended. [GM] Panda removed from our staff. [GM] Shiawase promoted to full Event GM. Forum has been upgraded and security has been adjusted. NPC Modifications: Fixed a possible crash in Fishing 2 - if it continues to happen please bump this topic http://board.playelaria.com/index.php?/topic/1920-fishing-on-level-2-spot-crashing-client/ Fixed warper not saving favorite warps properly Item and General Fixes: Ancient Elven Ear restrictions fixed. Horse King restrcitions fixed. Costume Reginleif Hairband position fixed. Fixed Fishing Boots and Fishing armor so they can be refined and worn Fixed Castle treasure drops of the extra items jumpwhobuy and jumpwhosell will work in prontera Skill Modifications: Disabled Moonlit Watermill in towns Introducing World's End: This is one of a kind feature that has never been seen before, perhaps that is for a good reason but let's give it a try. We are introducing several new Death NPCs into the game that will help out with this feature. Death Knight - He will activate at roughly a 35% chance. Once activated he will be visible in prontera. He will ask the server to gather the following items for him within a 1 hour time limit. 1000 Jelopy 1000 Stone 1000 Piece of Fish 500 Flame Heart If the server fails to deliver all the goods in time, the Death Knight will increase the World's End counter by 1. Undead Knight - She is the Death Knight's greedy sister with a 24%ish chance of activating. She takes a count of online users and then demands a Zeny tribute based on it. She will even count the merchants. Her formula is very simple. Online users / 2 * 1,000,000. The server then has 1 hour to pay her off or she will increase the World End counter by 1. Devil Square Unleashed - The reaper i getting tired of your failed attempts of DS. As a result he has opened the gates and allowed the DS monster to invade Amatsu Field 1, the chances of this happening are roughly 31% . You will have 1 hour to get rid of these monsters any way you can. Since the monsters are no longer on their turf, they should be a lot easier to deal with. Keep in mind there is 3 waves and failing to get rid of all of them including the boss will increase the World's End counter by 1. World's End NPC - This NPC will offer basic info on the World's End event, but bare in mind he has a temper. Every now and then he will loose his frikin mind and just outright increase the counter for no frikin reason what so ever. The counter by this maniac can be increased between 1 and 3 points and they are all equally likely. The chances of this guy losing this mind are 5%. Fear not though because the reaper is a chronic alcoholic. He sometimes confuses good and evil and activates redemption at a 5% chance. Redemption allows you to speak with him and pay off existing World's End counters. Redemption periods last 1 hour and the counters can be reduced through any of the following methods. 10,000 Badges reduces the counter by 1 50 guild points reduce the counter by 1, but you can only use this if your guild has 200+ guild points 10 Player Souls reduce the counter by 1 The function explained in detail If the World's End counter hits 100 at any point, the server will shut down. There is a timer on the reaper npc, every hour the timer reduces by 1. When the timer hits 0, a World's End Event is triggered based on the above rates. The timer always resets to 3 unless it is in the negatives, meaning that there are 3 hours between events, however there is a bit of a twist. If BG is running with 10+ players, an event will not run, rather the counter will go into negatives. If WoE is active the same thing will happen. This ensures that these events will not mess with BG and WoE, however several things should be noted. A negative counter means the the reaper has banked those hours. So if you see -6 because BG has been running for 6 hours straight, it means that when BG ends, the events will trigger 2 hours in a row. Each time the timer will be reduced by 3. This is also a great way for players to postpone the reaper until they are fully ready to deal with him. It also gives the reaper a sense of predictability but not too much. The reaper's first visit will be from March 26th to April 30th. The Rewards Fighting off the reaper and his insane events will mean several good things will happen. The reaper will also not be an ever lasting presence, rather something that comes and goes based on player performances. Here are some of the rewards: The server doesn't explode All drop rates, including MvP Card will be doubled for 2 weeks. All cosmetic donations that we have ever had will be placed in an NPC that will sell them for Zeny or Pearls. This will allow you to get those costumes you missed out on, time limit 2 weeks. Keeping the World's End counter below 75 will mean that the reaper will retire for 2 weeks. Keeping the World's End counter below 50 will mean that the reaper will retire for 3 weeks. Keeping the World's End counter below 10 will mean that the reaper will retire for an entire month. World's End Break During the reapers break from tormenting you he will reevaluate his events and change them based on player performances. The difficulty may not be increased, rather just changed. More events will be added, more benefits and more twists. Coding something like this takes a ton of time so implementing the entire idea at once would take weeks of coding. It's best to do it in waves, this will also allow us to work on other things and keep the server progressing. Though as we have stated, this is for real. Losing has a very real and serious consequence and we hope you put on a good show.
  4. ^Updated the topic. Please read it again; fully!
  5. Alright so, scary Nihad went all 'Nihad' again and made this sound like an apocalypse which is not the case. I was to tired last night and exhausted due to medicine to read it properly. I posted it more clear with some more information here: I'll close those discussion and ask you players to open a new one and suggestions please so we can make this work together. Love you ♥
  6. Hello everyone! Thanks for so many submissions please continue submitting! I will close this topic with our next maintenance and announce the winners!
  7. Dear adventurer, this years Saint Patrick's Day we are celebrating with a big special! How does it work? Below you will find various events that are connected to our Shake your Shamrocks event. You need at least two headgears equipped from the Special St. Patricks Shop in order to participate. Your character clothes and hair color has to be green! The more green, the better. Once you decided on your style, you need to hunt as many clovers as you can! (dropped easily by lunatic/fabre) Find a nice spot once you're done (maybe green?), drop the clovers around your char and take a Screenshot saying "Shake your Shamrocks!" Post your screenshot with your char name here and you're automatically signed up to win the prices below! There will be 3 winners. Names will be written down and randomly chosen by an online program. You will have the chance to obtain the following items: 250 Cash Points! 350 Cash Points! 100 Green Ale 100 Green Beer Choco-Mint Bonnet One headgear of your choice from the St. Patricks Shop in @go 0! The event will end with our next maintenance.
  8. Welcome Ricken! CP given out.
  9. Welcome to the server! CP given out.
  10. Welcome! CP given out.
  11. Welcome! CP given out.
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  13. CP given out!
  14. You know we care about the server and this system is either a good chance to make people be active on the server instead AFKing their time away, might bring more players aswell or it's a bad idea and we'll lose all players. We don't know until we try, right? Love you too! And as I said; missions won't be hard. We'll connect them with current events, seasonal events, our available systems, instance runs and more. You will have a big selection of things you can do to decrease the counter. There will also be rewards for completing those missions and maybe a special shop where you can get items from. Nihad isn't as good with words and it might sound a bit more "horror" than it is. Kirika basically summed it up nicely; it won't be hard. If we get more players it won't even be noticeable. But this system will tell us and the players when the server is struggling and it's always good to know that; for both, the community and the devs.
  15. Ugh, hello guys So the initial idea of this system/event was that you guys have something to do long-term and give the server a purpose to be open. Please don't freak out and think we're doing this to wipe the server on purpose, there is no reason to. Missions won't be hard and in case you can't complete missions you will always have the chance to decrease the counter by giving the npc certain items. We are okay with making it specific times and it will all be written down and there will be in-game announcements prior so you have time to prepare, don't worry. I will also talk to Nihad again about the counter and that we increase either the amount of points the counter needs to reach or limit the events per day so you have more time to protect the server. I like the main idea of this whole system and if I would play I'd help as much as I could to protect the server. We did this project for the community and now it's up to the community to keep it alive and running. It's hurts me a bit though to read some comments here, after all the hard work we've done for you and the server the past year almost. Anyway, please discuss this system and give us some more ideas on how to make this more realistic and not extremely hard for you, since it isn't our goal to make you rage quit or hate us. P.s: For the ones that noticed I'm currently not as available; I have some things going on at the moment but I'll try my best to be there for you aswell. It should all be sorted in two weeks. Wish me luck I miss you all super much.
  16. CP given out for all. Closing.
  17. Dear adventurer, today we would like to start a special promotion event! How does this work? It is pretty simple and does not take much time. All you have to do is copy the text you will find below and paste it into an advertisement forum or group for ragnarok advertisements. (RMS is EXCLUDED!) Once that's done, drop us a link of your submission so we can check if you actually did it! Of course this has to come with guidelines as we do not want to cause any trouble or have you post in the wrong sections! Please read the Rules & Guidelines for more information. Promotion Text/Information Rules & Guidelines: Do not post on other servers groups or forums. This is strictly forbidden and will end up with being disqualified. Do not post on a forum/website/group if another person has already promoted the server there. Excluding facebook ragnarok advertising groups. Facebook group promotions only count once a day per person. If you post 5x in the same group during the day you will only get the reward once. If you post 1x in various groups during the day you will get the reward per group once. Where to promote: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Ragnarok Advertisement Groups, Ragnarok Advertisement Forums, Guild Forums Facebook groups need to have at least 500 Members and have to be PUBLIC so we can see that you actually posted there. What is the reward? The reward is cash points. We categorize it in three different groups: Social Media/Advertising Groups gets 3CP per post as it's a simply copy/paste. Guild and other Forums get 15CP per post as you will have to sign up on most forums and/or have a waiting period. Why are we doing a promotion event? Instead of hiring a random person we figured it would make the community happy to get some extra cash points for a small effort. It also helps the server to grow! When does the event end? The event will run for one week. If this event becomes a success we will run it more often in the future! On 2017.03.11 at 2PM servertime the event will end.
  18. Hey

    Welcome! CP send to your character. Hope you're having fun on Elaria Woon Reloaded.
  19. Welcome Tats! Nice to see an old woonie coming back to us. CP send!
  20. Welcome Xiven! CP send to your char, nice to see you with us.
  21. Willkommen scheissHaus! Hope you're having a blast with us, CP are send to your character.
  22. Welcome Wolfie! CP send to your char, hope you're having fun here.
  23. Welcome to the server! I send the CP to your character. Hope you're enjoying your stay with us!
  24. Welcome to the Server. CP send.
  25. Dear adventurer, we are celebrating Nihad's Birthday and our first 6 months of the Server! That's right, Elaria Woon Reloaded has been open for a half year already. We have been through a lot during those 6 months but Nihad and I never gave up on this amazing project. To the new players that joined recently or with the re-opening in December - here is a bit of background story: Elaria Woon Reloaded started September 10th as a Low/Mid rate hybrid and it was a great idea in theory. We wanted to focus on providing a fair and stable middle ground for a wide target audience. We got a lot of attention and support initially, a lot more than we were ready for to be honest. Because of the server type that we were trying to achieve we attracted a lot of different players with a wide range of mentalities and ideas of a great server. We attempted to compromise in some areas while still maintaining our initial course of action. However, with such a split community pulling us in different directions and us attempting to maintain the core of our server, we ended up alienating almost everyone. As a result there ended up being only a small community of 10-15 players that shared our ideas of a hybrid and long term focused server. We established a new goal for the server while still maintaining focus on longevity. Our first attempt at doing so was to revamp the entire server to a pure Midrate while being in a one-month hiatus. After our Re-Launch December 10th we started to provide a pure mid rate experience that the players were used to, while maintaining server longevity through creative content and balanced implementations. We have received a lot of good feedback since then and our playercount went from 10-15 players up to over 100! Even though a lot of people told us to simply drop the project and accept that we failed the community, we managed to rise from the ashes and provide the server people have been waiting for! To celebrate this special time and it being Nihad's Birthday during this week (March 17th) aswell, we came up with a higher drop rate event! Drop rates will be increased from 25x to 30x from 2017.03.11, 2PM servertime until 2017.03.18, 2PM servertime! This does not include MvP cards.