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  1. Dear adventurer, starting from today newly arrived souls will be rewarded for introducing themselves! How it works and what you get for doing so will be explained below. How does it work? Create a topic inside Home>Community>Arrival & Inquiries Tell us a bit about yourself. For example: How did you find us? How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online and on which servers? What is your goal on Elaria Woon Reloaded? Let us know one (1) character name where you want your reward on. Bump this topic with the link to your introduction. Tell your friends and fellowers to do the same (: What's the reward? You will get 25 Cash Points for your introduction. They will be Unique ID based and only work for one person. Creating multiple accounts or trying to change your IP won't work. The 25 Cash Points will be given out within 24 hours after you posted your introduction. (after launch ofc) If it takes more than 24 hours for us to give out the cash points, you will get 5CP on top. This offer only works after server launch since the server is currently not open. What about the ones that already Introduced themselves? You will have the same chance. Just post a new Introduction of yourself and that's it.
  2. Dear adventurer, today we would like to start a special promotion event! How does this work? It is pretty simple and does not take much time. All you have to do is copy the text you will find below and paste it into an advertisement forum or group for ragnarok advertisements. (RMS is EXCLUDED!) Once that's done, drop us a link of your submission so we can check if you actually did it! Of course this has to come with guidelines as we do not want to cause any trouble or have you post in the wrong sections! Please read the Rules & Guidelines for more information. Promotion Text/Information Rules & Guidelines: Do not post on other servers groups or forums. This is strictly forbidden and will end up with being disqualified. Do not post on a forum/website/group if another person has already promoted the server there. Excluding facebook ragnarok advertising groups. Facebook group promotions only count once a day per person. If you post 5x in the same group during the day you will only get the reward once. If you post 1x in various groups during the day you will get the reward per group once. Where to promote: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Ragnarok Advertisement Groups, Ragnarok Advertisement Forums, Guild Forums Facebook groups need to have at least 500 Members and have to be PUBLIC so we can see that you actually posted there. What is the reward? The reward is cash points. We categorize it in three different groups: Social Media/Advertising Groups gets 3CP per post as it's a simply copy/paste. Guild and other Forums get 15CP per post as you will have to sign up on most forums and/or have a waiting period. Why are we doing a promotion event? Instead of hiring a random person we figured it would make the community happy to get some extra cash points for a small effort. It also helps the server to grow! When does the event end? The event will run for one week. If this event becomes a success we will run it more often in the future! On 2017.02.26 at 2PM servertime the event will end.
  3. Now that it's finally fixed and you are able to post videos let's hear what you guys like! (kr1s, you can go nuts now)
  4. I send you CP for it already.
  5. http://www.gamespot.com/forums/games-discussion-1000000/ragnarok-online-elaria-ragnarok-online-play-for-fe-33381731/ not found. @miloy Rest CP has been given out! And yes you can repost it if it failed =)
  6. Dear adventurer, Our Maintenance is scheduled to be on 2017.02.26 at 2PM servertime. The changelog is posted prior Maintenance so you have the chance to contribute to the latest changes. If you dislike a change we made, you have enough time to discuss it and suggest for it to be reverted or adjusted. The changelog will be updated frequently, so make sure to check it out every here and then. Important Information: Global Modifications: NPC Modifications: Item and Monster Modifications: Skill and Job Modifications: Description and General Fixes:
  7. Haha! Sounds like fun, I send you the Guild Intro Points.
  8. Dear adventurer, we're welcoming new guilds with a special introduction event! Dear adventurer, our Ultimate Guild System is one of the features that makes us stand out. We have put great effots into providing you easy access to equipment which is GvG and BG bound and only affects those areas. This will make sure that you can easily join WoE or BG. One of the key positives of this system is that individual players can also benefit from it. No one has to apply for guild packages anymore. As long as you have a guild you can register, start buying items and earn points. http://wiki.playelaria.com/index.php?title=Guild_System How does it work? Create a topic inside Home>Community>Guild & War of Emperium>Guild Introduction Tell us a bit about your guild. For example: Who are you? How many guild members does your guild have? What is your goal on Elaria Woon Reloaded? (WoE, PvP, PvM etc.) Let us know your guild name + guild masters name so we know where to send the reward to. Bump this topic with the link to your guild introduction. This only works for guilds that did not post an introduction yet. What's the reward? You will get **100 EXTRA GUILD POINTS** on top of the normal 100!! The 50 Guild Points will be given out within 24 hours after you posted your introduction. (after launch ofc) If it takes more than 24 hours for us to give out the guild points, you will get 5 points on top. When does the Event end? Event will end with our next maintenance, 2017.02.26 at 2PM servertime.
  9. Guild Intro Points given out.
  10. Dear adventurer, Maintenance is over and the server is back up!
  11. Dear adventurer, below you will find our latest changes, please make sure to read them carefully! Our Maintenance is scheduled to be on 2017.02.20 at 2PM servertime. Important Information: This update might be a bit smaller one since I have been in England and had no chance to work on things, Nihad did as much as he could though. I'll start working on the server tonight. Important for Guild Leaders: Special Events: Promotion Event: http://board.playelaria.com/index.php?/topic/1724-ongoing-promotion-event/ EXP Raise Event: http://board.playelaria.com/index.php?/topic/1728-ongoing-exp-raise-event/#comment-12823 Auction Event: http://board.playelaria.com/index.php?/topic/1726-ongoing-auction-event/ Guild Introduction Event: http://board.playelaria.com/index.php?/topic/1725-ongoing-guild-introduction-event/ Global Modifications: Upgraded Forum software. Implemented Discord Forum Application. Suggestions, New Arrivals, News and Events will automatically be posted into our discord. A discord chat preview is planned and being worked on. Re-organized Forum, added default profile picture, removed old posts and/or updated old ones. Battleground Modifications: Battleground Valentines Special: New Items inside our special shop in @go bg! War of Emperium Modifications: Allowed Reborn Classes to enter First Class WoE Castles during Non-WoE Times. New Treasure Box items: Removed: Wool Scarf [1] 50% Tidal Shoes [1] 50% Odin's Blesing [1] 50% Thorny Buckler [1] 50% Added: Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [1] 2.5% Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [1] 2.5% Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] 2.5% Guild Point Box (10x) 10% NPC Modifications: Increased EXP from mission boards. All hunting missions give +30% more EXP. Changed Devil Square sprite since it was making weird noises. Devil Square: Monster drop items now. BG consumables are useable in DS. DS guide from WoonRO back then: Added Red Dress Hat quest to Umberto Uppergear (right floor) Added Helm of the Abyss quest to Umberto Uppergear (right floor) Guild Trader: Guild Sunglasses price increased from 1 to 5 Guild Valk Armor price increased from 1 to 3 Guild Valk Mant price increased from 1 to 3 Guild Proxy price increased from 3 to 5 Item and Monster Modifications: Black Shiba Inu Hat nerfed. Gives +20 instead of +30 Atk. Gives 3 Def instead of 6 Def. Duneyrr Helm [0] added as hidden drop. Dropped from Duneyrr at a 1% rate. Added Phylla card to Phylla. Some headgear quests require more amber pearls since they are easier to get with our instance. Anubis Helm drops from Anubis at a 0.50% rate now. Description and General Fixes: Fixed various item descriptions. Made vaarious items drop,sell,trade,store or gstoreable. Fixed warp portal issues in prontera. Fixed Flu Mask position. Fixed @jumpwhosell Fixed @jumpwhobuy Daifu Diary:
  12. Dear advanturer, social media is very important and a good way to advertise our server. We have implemented a social media autofeed. Whenever a new post inside our News & Informations, Event or Changelog/Update section gets posted it will be posted onto facebook aswell. The plan is to continue this system with twitter and more. Shout out that Elaria Woon Relaoded is out there!
  13. Dear adventurers, there will be a server maintenance on 2017.02.20 at 2PM servertime. Use @time ingame or visit our Website. The server will be shut down for around 15 minutes. Make sure to log out your character at least one minute before the server shuts down. I will announce it through ingame broadcast in time. Chagenlog is posted here:
  14. Content was sadly removed. Can't give out CP for that.
  15. Welcome to the server! Glad you found your way to us! The new facebook group for german players seems to be a good way to get more players, haha. I'm sure you will find a lot of German people here to chat with but also international ones! CP send to your char.
  16. Dear adventurer, that's right - we will raise the EXP for an entire week! Isn't that exciting?
  17. Dear adventurer, 2017.02.25 at 9AM servertime we will have a special auction event! With our AZI Patch being gone we need to take care of zeny through different ways. Instead of making you pay more on certain NPC's or else, we decided to do auction events once or twice a month. You will be able to either get ambernite roulette jackpots, special seasonal headgears or unique one-time headgears. For our auction we decided on the following items: 3x unique Valentines Wings - only obtainable through our auction event or BG event. 3x Heart's Key - only obtainable through our auction event or BG event. 3x unqiue Rose Scarf - only obtainable through our auction event or BG event. More items might be added as we get closer to the auction event. You can get these items from Battleground soon. Though we figured it'd be a good chance to get these items through our auction event if you don't like to play BG. Please note that this event is mainly for people who aren't super new. We have a lot of other events for new players, so it shouldn't be unfair. Location will be: @go event
  18. Welcome to the server Lago! Hope you, Alberto and the rest will bring me some more Italians, hue [: Send you the CP to Lago.
  19. Dear adventurer, please ready carefully as this topic contains important information! A while ago a player asked for a forum integration of discord. We found someone who made it possible. However the whole project is still in beta and being developed. Our Elaria Woon [BOT] will now keep you updated about the *HOT* topics, arrivals and news. We plan on integrating the chat of discord to our forum soon - still talking with developers.
  20. http://board.playelaria.com | http://panel.playelaria.com http://wiki.playelaria.com | https://discordapp.com/invite/JT6WyMg
  21. Updated server information as some things have been changed.
  22. CP send to the last 3 that posted - continue guys! (: Easy cash points for small effort.
  23. Welcome back to the server DDraigg! Hope you'll stick with us and drag more players to the server ♥ CP send to No Aim.
  24. Dear adventurer, we are in need of a dedicated Wiki Developer. You want to earn some cash points? This is your chance. We are looking for a dedicated Wiki Developer to keep our Wiki up-to-date! Send us an application to: application@playelaria.com We will only reply to you via e-mail and won't add you on skype. (beware of scammers) What we expect: Good english knowledge. Keep the Wiki up-to-date. Payment: You will get paid in cash points. For each updated site you get 5-30 Cash Points, depending on the effort made. Larger update projects might go up to 250+ Cash Points.
  25. Hio Alberto! We already met ingame and you and your friends are super nice people. I'm happy you found your way to the server and decided to stay! CP send to Alberto (: