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  1. ^Updated the topic. Please read it again; fully!
  2. Alright so, scary Nihad went all 'Nihad' again and made this sound like an apocalypse which is not the case. I was to tired last night and exhausted due to medicine to read it properly. I posted it more clear with some more information here: I'll close those discussion and ask you players to open a new one and suggestions please so we can make this work together. Love you ♥
  3. Hello everyone! Thanks for so many submissions please continue submitting! I will close this topic with our next maintenance and announce the winners!
  4. Welcome Ricken! CP given out.
  5. Welcome to the server! CP given out.
  6. Welcome! CP given out.
  7. Welcome! CP given out.
  8. CP given out!
  9. CP given out!
  10. You know we care about the server and this system is either a good chance to make people be active on the server instead AFKing their time away, might bring more players aswell or it's a bad idea and we'll lose all players. We don't know until we try, right? Love you too! And as I said; missions won't be hard. We'll connect them with current events, seasonal events, our available systems, instance runs and more. You will have a big selection of things you can do to decrease the counter. There will also be rewards for completing those missions and maybe a special shop where you can get items from. Nihad isn't as good with words and it might sound a bit more "horror" than it is. Kirika basically summed it up nicely; it won't be hard. If we get more players it won't even be noticeable. But this system will tell us and the players when the server is struggling and it's always good to know that; for both, the community and the devs.
  11. Ugh, hello guys So the initial idea of this system/event was that you guys have something to do long-term and give the server a purpose to be open. Please don't freak out and think we're doing this to wipe the server on purpose, there is no reason to. Missions won't be hard and in case you can't complete missions you will always have the chance to decrease the counter by giving the npc certain items. We are okay with making it specific times and it will all be written down and there will be in-game announcements prior so you have time to prepare, don't worry. I will also talk to Nihad again about the counter and that we increase either the amount of points the counter needs to reach or limit the events per day so you have more time to protect the server. I like the main idea of this whole system and if I would play I'd help as much as I could to protect the server. We did this project for the community and now it's up to the community to keep it alive and running. It's hurts me a bit though to read some comments here, after all the hard work we've done for you and the server the past year almost. Anyway, please discuss this system and give us some more ideas on how to make this more realistic and not extremely hard for you, since it isn't our goal to make you rage quit or hate us. P.s: For the ones that noticed I'm currently not as available; I have some things going on at the moment but I'll try my best to be there for you aswell. It should all be sorted in two weeks. Wish me luck I miss you all super much.
  12. CP given out for all. Closing.
  13. Hey

    Welcome! CP send to your character. Hope you're having fun on Elaria Woon Reloaded.
  14. Welcome Tats! Nice to see an old woonie coming back to us. CP send!
  15. Welcome Xiven! CP send to your char, nice to see you with us.