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  1. Given out (: Tonight I'll check for the RMS posts that didn't get deleted.
  2. Dear adventurer, please ready carefully as this post contains important information! We have a new Client but sadly the outzoom is less than the old Client had. I didn't pay attention to this so you can blame it on me! New client will be patched in shortly! Sorry for the trouble caused!
  3. ^Bump - I think this is the final changelog now. Hope I didn't forget anything
  4. @Zee @HeY x SeAn give Rhapsody some love next woe
  5. @Blitz Another poring lover, seriously you should open a guild :v Welcome to the server Marble! I'll give you your cash points later when I am back on the main server.
  6. @Kris Your fav server @HeY x SeAn Welcome to the server :>
  7. Can't wait to have you on the server guys! Great video.
  8. Sorry guys, RMS is out. I figured so because you kept on placing promos where others already promoted. Will edit the text now - please continue posting in other places though!
  9. Welcome to the serverrrrrrr *slap* I KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE! CP given out.
  10. Welcome to the server! I send you the cash points already (:
  11. Welcome to the server! Please let me know what you call your ingame char so I can send you the arrival reward
  12. Welcome to the server Lord Fifth! =D Thanks for the nice introduction, I certainly will remember your name now. Send yout he cash points =)
  13. Welcome to the server! Glad it finally worked out I send you the CP.
  14. @Ashes Leonhearin CP given out for FB!
  15. @fabinhomascarin Hey! Seems all your RMS posts got deleted. Please make sure you write an individual promotion for the user that is seeking for a server! Do not copy/paste the text I put in the spoiler. Otherwise we'll get problems with ratemyserver and that we don't want. We want this event to be successful and not cause trouble. =) As for the FB post, I'll need a screen since the group is private and I can't join it.