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  1. I'm back!

  2. Welcome Rathys You're learning german at the moment? I speak german.. so.. if you have any questions or just want to chitchat feel free to do so =)
  3. Diary updated! Check the second post.
  4. Chapter 1: Into the Journey!
  5. Dear adventurer, I have a bit more time now and would love to spend the time I have with the community. I'll play on the server with you together and blog a diary with pictures! Of course I will set rules for myself to ensure that things stay fun and no one takes advantage out of me playing on the server. This is an event and will only be temporary as I know that a lot of people are against admins playing on their own server and I honestly don't like it either. However this might also help me a little to see what things can be improved/changed. Rules I set for myself: Always update the diary after playing. Always have your equipment window open. Do not join a guild. Do not participate in WoE/BG or events like KoE. Do not sell items to other players - only to tool dealer. Rules I set for players: Do not leech me. If you donate items to me, be aware that I will screenshot them with your name and post them in the diary update. If you can think of any more rules to make this "project/event" better, just let me know. Important: I will announce on the forums and on discord when I will play with you. Make sure you check both out if you are interested! The second post in this topic is saved for my daily diary updates. The event will end 2017.05.06 at 2PM servertime.
  6. ^up changelog.
  7. what's that in your mouth? getting more this or next month maybe!
  8. @i w i Since you asked for a(nother) picture I posted one a while ago, here's another one (left)
  9. Closed & moved.
  10. Welcome to the server! I send you your cash points to your char. (: Hope you're enjoying your time here and that the future will be even better.
  11. Hope you enjoyed stalker class on our server! CP send to LeNyx.
  12. Hi

    Welcome to the server! CP given out.
  13. Hi

    Welcome to the server! I need your ingame name if you want the cash points @Kohan
  14. 30 CP send to Kabute - hope that's your char =) Welcome to the server.
  15. Welcome to the server Minami Kotori! CP send to your char.